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    Meet the faithful women God sent to serve alongside His patriarchs. We may recognize their names, but there is so much more to discover about Sarah, Rebekah, Hannah, Ruth, and the seventy other Old Testament women profiled in this book. Filled with stunning photography that brings their stories to life, this book is an ideal companion to your study of the Old Testament.

    This book is gorgeous! It is amazing how in-depth the author has studied the women in the New Testament, most of whom are only briefly mentioned. She has brought them to life for me in a way that I can relate and grow with them as examples. Love it! --Amazon

    Love this book. I never knew how many great stories of women came before me. Really inspires me when I read them to step it up as a women. Try to suck up what I can and take the high road. We are taught not to take anything when instead we should be a beacon to positively impact change through kind methods. That is real empowerment. --Amazon

    I was very surprised to find that not only is it a lot bigger than what I expected, but that the art was gorgeous. I love the insights that Heather gives and look forward to reading it in depth! The art work is also absolutely beautiful! I am hoping that the artist will find a way to sell some of the art. I've been looking for a good picture of Elisabeth to give to a loved one with her namesake and her painting with Elisabeth and Mary is beautiful and heart warming! I will continue to look and see if she is ever able to make that into a print. --Amazon