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    The loving bond between child and parents, and an individual's abiding faith in a higher power, are two powerful emotions. But what happens when the parental bond is broken early in life, and when basic religious feelings are intellectually challenged? In this gentle contemporary novel Karen, adopted at birth by a loving and religious family and now an attractive college sophomore, is challenged by her influential college professor to discard her religious crutch and become more sophisticated. In the midst of her turmoil of faith, she and several attend a meeting to make fun of two Mormon elders who are explaining LDS doctrines, but she finds herself attracted to their beliefs. Karen reads the Book of Mormon, gains a testimony of the restored gospel, and becomes a convert to he church. This is a poignant story of young romance, of lives enlarged by newfound gospel insights, and of the joy that comes from cementing eternal family ties. It's a rich, sensitive tale that tugs the heartstrings. It leaves readers feeling good about the characters, good about themselves, and good about the eternal nature of their family relationships.

    Author: Betty R. Gubler.