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    Dr. Richardson has created a model of resiliency and salvation to help anyone overcome adversity in their earthly journey. He shares his story of triumph over his misfortune. The resiliency process and the Plan of Salvation provide the framework for this book. It walks you through the resiliency process and gives you a map to guide you to exercise your agency to progress, grow, gain strength, wisdom, and to ultimately thrive through life s challenges. Future chapters provide instruction on how to develop skills that will help you go through this process and resiliently reintegrate with each new disruption or challenge.

    Glenn E. Richardson is a full-time professor and former chair of Health Promotion and Education Department at the University of Utah. Dr. Richardson has received a BS degree in Zoology, a MS degree in Exercise Physiology, and a PhD in Health Promotion and Education. The day after his forty-first birthday he was involved in a horrific auto-pedestrian collision. His academic and spiritual background helped him to cope and rise above this setback, giving him a very informed insight into this topic. He became a rehabilitation warrior and a master of the resiliency process.