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    In his book, There Is a God, Professor Hyrum Lewis addresses atheist attacks head-on, teaching members how to respond to atheist challenges and questions. He discusses topics such as free will, moral relativism, science versus religion, and more.

    Strengthen your testimony by combining Professor Lewis’s study of logic and reason with your own faith and personal study of the Book of Mormon. Discover methods to face latter-day skepticism and, in turn, rescue those whose faith has faltered.
    “This book is a refreshing and timely response to the specious claims and logic of current atheist arguments. The book has the rare quality of being both extremely readable and erudite. Lewis’s writing is clear, and his arguments are hard-hitting with no-holds-barred. . . . This is a must read!”

    —Ross David Baron, PhD and professor in the department of religion and philosophy at BYU–Idaho