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    We know the scriptures were given for us, but did you know that they specifically teach us how to combat the rampant atheism in our day? Addressing skepticism head-on, There is a God helps Latter-day Saints respond to atheist challenges and even reach out to rescue those whose faith has faltered.

    Hyrum Lewis is a visiting scholar at Stanford University and a professor of history at BYU Idaho, where he heads up the American Foundations Team. He received a PhD in history and philosophy from the University of Southern California. Before coming to BYU Idaho, he taught at Skidmore College in New York. He and his wife, Sundee, are the parents of four children. Professor Lewis was born in Arizona and raised in Oregon. He served as a missionary in the Chile Viña del Mar Mission.

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    Rexburg, Idaho

    Fantastic! Well worth your time!

    In today's day in age you owe it to yourself and your family to read this book! Hyrum Lewis is no slouch. He has thoroughly researched his material and broken it down in such a manner that anyone reading it--no matter the education level--will have their minds stretched. The atheistic arguments evaporate quickly as you work your way through each and every paragraph. Sources are fully documented should you wish to pursue a deeper search of his source material. If you are an "atheist", or feeling yourself leaning in that direction, I dare you to read it! You will will quickly discover what the sandy foundation of atheism has to offer: nothing! Open your eyes, open your heart, as Hyrum challenges, and recognize the myths being peddled by atheism for what they really are. Please, don't be fooled. As Hyrum points out so masterfully, the evidence for God is all around you! And God, we are reminded, offers everything!