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    The end is nigh.

    The prophets and Apostles of old and present have warned the Saints about the Second Coming. But do we really understand what we’ve been taught? Can we truly prepare if we cannot comprehend what has been said?

    This illuminating book analyzes the prophesied events of the end of days, based on their foretold time and sequence.

    Come to truly understand

    • The seven seals, spoken of by John
    • The cunning carnal security used by Satan
    • The half hour of silence in heaven
    • The planetary patterns and others signs and events recorded in the book of Revelation

    The time of His Coming is speedily approaching. Demystify these last days so you can be ready to meet the Lord upon His glorious return.

    Author: Gregory Ranger
    Specifications: 6 x 9 - 176 pages
    Expected Release: Early June 2016