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    As Stanley got closer, he saw two figures beating on a lone man, while four others stood back to watch. “Hey!” Stanley’s voice sounded hoarse in his ears. “Leave him be!”

    SHADOWS THAT MOVE ON THEIR own, a mysterious device that looks like a pocket watch, a man on the run from monsters that exist in dreams—all are connected to Stanley because he interrupted a mugging. Now Stanley holds the Time Key, an object that allows him to travel through time. With the extraordinary gift of being able to see both the past and the future, he may be the only one who can save his family.

    Author: Melanie Bateman
    Specifications: 6 x 9 - 320 pages
    Expected Release: Early June 2016

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:


    Six years ago, Stanley Becker lost his wife and daughter in an accident and his grief has consumed him. On a cold December night in 1897, he is ready to give in to the darkness. Instead, he ends up saving a man's life and gaining possession of a time key. He is quickly filled with the desire to go back and fix the fateful night that changed everything.

    This is a complex book. There are multiple characters and stories and I was curious as to how it would all come together. The characters were interesting and fun to get to know, whether I liked them or not. We learn what's happening through a mystery narrator and I thought that worked pretty well.

    Stanley takes full advantage of the opportunity to travel through time. I did find that to be confusing at times but was able to get the gist of what was happening along the way so that didn't bother me too much. There comes a point when he travels to a time that we recognize and I enjoyed reading how he adjusted to it.

    Stanley was only given bits and pieces of information at any given time and I felt like I was there with him trying to figure out what was happening. I really wasn't sure how this story would end since there were plenty of twists and turns along the way. Stanley was a very different man by the end of the book. The ending is left open for more of this story to be told! If you enjoy fantasy and time travel, this is a book you will want to pick up!

    I received a copy for an honest review. My opinion is 100% my own.

    Mebane, NC


    Wow! The Time Key by Melanie Batemen was absolutely brilliant! I have read many books for blog tours, and have given several 5 star reviews, but most of those books did not have the same caliber of story line, character development, and perfect mixture of period, mystery, science-fiction, and fantasy. I can only imagine how much time it took this first-time author to perfect her story, filling in all the holes she wished to fill, and keeping the reader completely mesmerized the entire 312 pages. The beautiful illustrations at the end of each chapter definitely were something to look forward to - how wonderful that the author could bring her own scenes to life through word and picture.

    The novel has a mysterious narrator, whose identity we do not know until the very end. This narrator follows Stanley Becker, a 36-year-old Englishman from the year 1897. He is a man so depressed, that he has drunk his life away for the past six years due to tragedy that befell his family. In the first scene of the book, he is about to take his own life, but instead witnesses, and intervenes on, an eerie disturbance in the street that will change his life forever.

    Characters range from close acquaintances to Stanley, to gypsies, to a vaelie (read the book to find out what that is), to other-worldly demons, and even a goddess. The novel is full of danger, surprises, confusion, and consequences, but perhaps most importantly, love and change of perspective.

    Even though there are many thrilling, dangerous, and scary moments in the book, The Time Key also includes poignant moments of longing, self-reflection, sacrifice, and bravery. It will appeal to a wide range of readers, and will keep you guessing.

    The concept of the time key itself is a little confusing to the reader because of its intricacy, as well as how traveling through time can (or cannot) affect the past, present and future. However, those moments of confusion made complete sense to me. How else could we connect to our protagonist, if not by feeling the same feelings he felt? He took many leaps of faith by time traveling, understanding little of the consequences. I truly felt I was taking Stanley's journeys, physical and emotional, with him.

    I literally read this book in all my free time, and finished in three days. It was so good, I just had to keep picking it up. I think the Epilogue may have been my favorite part. The last chapter I was content with, but, well, you will see what I mean. Read this book and tell all your friends about it!

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