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    This booklet, "The Life of Joseph Smith," is filled with information which will be of great value to anyone studying the life of the first Mormon prophet and the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1805 to 1844. It is (1) an atlas, (2) a chronological outline of Joseph's life, and (3) a documentation harmony. The documentation harmony correlates citations from B.H. Roberts' "A Comprehensive History of the Church," Joseph Smith's "History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints," and Lucy Mack Smith's "History of Joseph Smith by His Mother." Twelve detailed maps, with number references to correlated events, cover the entire scope of Joseph's life, providing far more information than is shown in maps published with the scriptures. Numerous charts detail such items as "The Plates Received by Joseph Smith," "The Apostasy and Restoration of the Gospel," "Nebuchadnezzar's Dream and Its Interpretation," "Isaiah's Prophecy of the Fall of the Nephites," "The Three Witnesses," etc. The maps list events in considerable detail. For instance, one of the maps details the events leading to the expulsion of the Saints in Missouri in 1838. The final map and its accompanying list provides a detailed morning, afternoon and evening for the final three weeks of his life. This truly is a valuable tool for studying early Church history. And it makes a great low-cost gift to give to students, grandchildren, etc.!

    Author: Duane S. Crowther