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    When Rishi is kidnapped and taken to Zitól, she faces an unthinkable future: she is to be sacrificed to appease the gods. To survive in this place, where greed, lust, and fear eclipse compassion, Rishi befriends the selfish and ignorant king, only to discover that he may not have the power to save her after all.

    Author: Chelsea Dyreng
    Specifications: 5.5 x 8.25 - 304 pages
    Expected Release: Early September 2016

    Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:


    I loved the author's first book, "The Cenote," so I was excited for this book! Rishi lives on an island and loves hearing her grandfather's stories about Zitol. When she is a teenager, a tragedy occurs on her island and she and four other girls are kidnapped. They are scared and do what they can to survive. When they get to their destination, they learn the horrible truth of why they were kidnapped and Rishi once again fights to survive.

    I'm glad to say that I loved this book, too! Rishi's life on the island was fascinating. She was sheltered, safe and happy. Then she was kidnapped. There were parts of that experience that were hard to read and the author did a great job getting those points across without going into graphic detail. Rishi showed great courage even during times when the consequences could have been severe.

    I hoped that Rishi's life would improve when she got to Zitol, but it was also full of challenges. She was surrounded with characters that were hard to like and ready to mold her into someone else, and I hoped she would stay strong. The book is narrated by Nadal, the young, selfish king. He was a character that I wasn't impressed with at all, and I kept hoping my opinion of him would change.

    This book is full of great lessons and layers so I'm sure I'll get even more out of it next time I read it. One lesson I found especially interesting was that the people in Zitol couldn't read so they were dependent on the leaders to teach them what they felt was important to know. So, yes, you can imagine who got the most benefit from that. This is a book I will definitely share with my daughter when she gets a little older. Due to the content (violence, innuendo, and references to rape--all within context of the culture they live in), I would recommend it to more mature readers. It's an amazing book and well worth reading! I'm already looking forward to the author's next book!

    I received a copy from the publisher for an honest review. My opinion is 100% my own.

    Culturally Correct!

    The Last Messenger of Zitol is about a young woman named Rishi who is heldp captive/kidnapped in the city of Zitol. A city that has many great stories that have been told to Rishi by her grandfather. Rishi has been chosen as the messenger and will be sacrificed to the gods.

    The story is being told from different points of view. I loved how this was done because it gives you a first-hand look at how everyone is processing the events as they unfold. It gives the vivid imagery of everything playing out right in front of you. Rishi is the main character and she is my favorite character! We live in a world where girls need strong female role models. There aren't a lot of books, comics, or shows with a strong female lead. It's all slowly coming into play right now. Dyreng made sure that Rishi was strong, lovable, and relatable. This is why I loved this book! Everything about this book, from beginning to end, was absolutely exceptional. Rishi had that courage to fight for what she thought was pure and good. I cannot say enough how much I loved her character.

    This book was written exceptionally well which can only mean one thing, Dyreng did her research and she did it well. I hope to read more of her work in the future. I hope other authors can see what Dyreng has done and create more stories that are culturally correct and beautiful. Can we get a second book to this? I think this could be a fantastic duology.

    This book easily gets 5/5 stars. Well done Chelsea Dyreng, well done.


    This book was an enchanting adventure from beginning to end!

    This book is amazing! I loved reading every bit of it. I loved the characters, the plot, the setting. Every bit of it really sucked me in and made me want to continue reading until the very end...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

    I loved the way that at the beginning of the book, it's narrated by a character that we haven't met yet, so we don't know who it is. I haven't seen a book done quite this way before this one and it made it super fun.

    I liked all of the villagers on Rishi's island. I love the way that they care for their young women and teach them about virtue and just how much their virtue is worth. I loved seeing Rishi's friends later on and how they had learned for themselves how much virtue was worth by going through the experiences they did. And I loved the way a certain character went about convincing them that they were still okay.

    I LOVED Rishi. I loved the way she was so sure of herself, her life, family, and virtue. Even when almost everything was taken from her, she was not willing to give up what was important to her. And I loved the way she was willing to sacrifice herself in order to hopefully help her brothers.

    I liked Nadal's character as well. I liked the way he was able to learn a lot about himself, and how to treat others throughout the book. i really loved the way he was in the end.

    This book was an enchanting adventure from beginning to end! I loved every bit of it!

    I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    A story of sacrifice, violence, and love.

    4.5 Stars

    Steeped in an ancient culture, THE LAST MESSENGER OF ZITÓL will take readers on a journey of danger and romance they won't soon forget. It's a story full of heartbreak, a people bent on violence, family and friendship, and a budding romance. Perfect for readers who enjoyed THE CENOTE or books with adventure, sacrifice, and love.

    One thing that strikes me about both of this author's books is how powerful they are and how she doesn't sugar-coat anything. This story was blunt and strong and beautiful. It showed the wildness of this culture and how morality shifted as the people became uneducated and selfish, everyone acting for themselves and for no one else. Then there is Rishi who has grown up in an island community where the exact opposite is true. Everything is about the community and the role each individual member plays. They work hard and love fiercely. There was such a stark contrast in this story, which worked perfectly for the way the characters and the story itself evolved.

    Rishi and Nadal. They are so naive in so many ways, but their hearts are open (although one of them is a little more stubborn in wanting to change than the other). It made me think about the type of person I would be if I was raised with being told and taught one thing, not learning to read, being fed lies my whole life, not having anyone who loved me to help or care, and then combining that with being almost completely unrestricted and rich. That is Nadal's past. Then there is Rishi who was raised almost completely opposite to that. Again, a stark contrast. It was interesting how their relationship began, grew, and changed. There were times I was annoyed with them here and there, but I also completely got it.

    This is definitely an emotional read. It is also quite dark and violent in places, which fits the story and the culture, so it all feels realistic to the situation. I connected easily with Rishi and Nadal and then wanted to cheer them on as the story progressed. There are parts that are shocking and terrible and then others that are so very sweet, making for a balanced story.

    In the end, was it what I wished for? Yes. This author has a way of completely immersing the reader in this ancient world and bringing characters to life. I can't wait to see what she writes next!

    Content: Innuendo, violence, sacrificial murder, referenced rape.

    Source: Received a complimentary copy from the author and publisher, which did not affect my review in any way.



    4.5 stars

    This book was not what I expected. That is a compliment to Chelsea Dyreng. She has once again surprised me with her writing and story.

    Rishi is a young woman living an idealistic life on her island home with her family. She has everything she needs and wants, except an adventure to Zitol. She listens to her Grandfather's stories about the city and imagines it to be a wonderful place. She quickly learns the truth when she is kidnapped from her home and taken to the city. It is not a place of wonder, but a corrupt society that thrills in human sacrifice.

    She makes an unexpected ally in the narrator of the story. This book is an adventure of an ancient past. I love the fictional setting that explores issues that the people of ancient America lived. This book also has a Cenote, a thing I was unaware of until Dyreng's first book, The Cenote.

    Dyreng is an author that I will look forward to reading in the future. She has a way with words and description. I could imagine her setting and the people. She has amazed me once again.

    The book contains innuendo, a non-graphic rape, and violence.

    I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.