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    Tourists, locals, and school groups will all enjoy this valuable book! It brings to light how fascinating and unusual the Great Salt Lake truly is. The history section begins with the lake's predecessor; Lake Bonneville, sharing interesting information about this ice-age lake including its underwater volcanoes. Ancient Indian cultures, early exploration and pioneer settlements are the next chapters, followed by development of the area from pioneer times to present. The Great Salt Lake Today chapter delves into the Bonneville Salt Flats, recreation and points of interest and tells about the salt-extraction industry. The abundant plant and animal life sustained by the lake are discussed in detail in several chapters including The Ecosystem Food Chain, The Brine Fly, and Small Microscopic Inhabitants. Weather and Other Physical Phenomena give us another glimpse of why the Great Salt Lake is such a unique place, from accounts of tornadoes to iceburgs. The book is filled with intriguing photos, maps, directions to interesting sites, vivid descriptions, scientific insights, and valuable teaching aids. You'll love it!

    Author: Alan Millard.