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    In this riveting retelling of the classic tale of Hades and Persephone, Lady Cora Winfield is captivated when she first meets Adam Douglas, Duke of Blackdale. Despite their chemistry, Cora’s mother refuses to allow the duke to marry her. Taking matters into his own hands, the duke abducts his bride-to-be, and Cora is swept into the adventure of her lifetime. Amidst danger and thrilling uncertainty, Cora must face the reality that she is falling in love with her captor.

    Author: Rebecca J. Greenwood

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    California, USA

    She got 1816 right

    I have read several Regency novels set in 1816, but this novel got the details right about this particular year. It became known as the year without a summer. Although the inhabitants of Europe did not realize it at the time, the eruption of Mount Tamora in the Dutch East Indies in 1815 was to blame due the volcanic ash in the upper atmosphere blocking the sun. However, the author uses this phenomenon as the setting and an important element for her novel.

    I loved how the author depicted the novel’s characters. With her peculiarities, Cora was such an unlikely, yet lovable heroine. She was as distressed about the effect of the summer weather on plants, including crops, and what poor growth would mean to the common people as she was about her court of fortune-seeking suitors. Her mother, an overbearing, over-protective personality, micro-managed her daughter’s life, yet there was a little room for empathy for her reasoning. And our hero, Adam, struggling to overcome the effects of being raised by his abusive father, fighting what we know today as PTSD, and struggling with physical pain as a result of a battlefield injury not completely healed, was a hero easy to love and cheer for. I ached over his inability to know how to court according to the accepted customs of the day, yet he loved deeply.

    This novel engaged me from the start, first with the character of Cora, and then with the action and suspense as the two struggled with the effects of the winter weather in summer while they traveled north. I also enjoyed the secondary romance between two very interesting characters. This was a sweet romance about some dark times, and one that was a pleasure to read. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance.