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    Christmas is already going to be tough for Marie and her family. When her son’s bike is stolen on Christmas Eve, Marie doesn’t know what to do. If she doesn’t find the perfect bike pronto, Christmas will be ruined—and so will her son’s faith in Santa. But the real Christmas miracle may have started long before Marie began looking for one . . .

    Author: Tara Mayoros
    Specifications: 5.5 x 8.25 - 64 pages
    Expected Release: Early October 2016

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
    SLC, UT

    This book packs a powerful punch to the heart! I loved it!

    The new book by author Tara Mayoros is only 51 pages long,but it packs a powerful punch to your heart. The Christmas Bike tells the heart-warming story of a woman’s journey of remembering the true meaning of Christmas on Christmas Eve. This book is based on true events that happened to Tara and her son. In fact, this son that the story is based on, is the son that I taught in second grade a few years ago. So this story touched my heart is a huge way. Every part of the story that mentioned "Anthony" I could see this boy's face in my mind.

    In The Christmas Bike, Marie and her family have recently moved away from their home state of Utah to Arizona. Their finances are tight and their lives are busy trying to make ends meet. The main thing on Marie's mind is how she's been too busy for decorations and baking like she's usually done before Christmas. In other words, the true meaning of Christmas wasn't at the forefront of her mind as things weren't going their way.

    On Christmas Eve day, a quick bike ride to the store turns into a sad and shocking event when Anthony's bike is stolen. All of the anger and frustration of only being gone ten minutes and then to come out to the bike being gone is clearly felt. As a parent myself I know how I would feel if this had happened. Mayoros writes so truthfully and from the heart that you are instantly placed in her thoughts and feelings. The rest of the story is her spending the day trying to find another bike for her son. Miracles take place that day that had truly started the day before. One thing after another happens that open Marie's eyes to her remembering the true meaning of Christmas.

    The story ends in such a beautiful way. I found myself crying in the back seat of the car on my vacation, while traveling around the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. The following words from the end of the story will stay with me as I know they will you once you read the book.

    "Did it matter who had stolen the bike? Did the scenario matter? Whoever had done this had a great enough motivation to potentially ruin a child's Christmas Eve. I forgave the person, whoever they were. It was actually pretty easy to do. Peace fell upon me like a warm blanket...Christmas had brought things, but we also had a home full of Christ and I made a commitment to carry more of Him throughout the new year."

    **Every year I pick a Christmas book as my #1 recommendation for families to buy for their Christmas Book collection. This year of 2016, I highly recommend,The Christmas Bike, as the book I feel all families should buy and read together.This book will also make a wonderful gift for other members of your extended family and friends.**