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    "Originally published by J.H. Parry & Company, 1887."

    I was very pleased with the speed of receiving this ancient writing...Amazon really delivers, prompt and on time. I still haven't read it all, but I have read some of the chapters. I am very pleased with the "additional information" that Jasher seems to give and support regarding the book of Genesis written by Moses [especially on the decendants of Esau and his children (Zepho); as well as the additional info on the parting of the Red Sea. (it was split in 12 streams)]. It is definitly a book I will be referring to over and over again for historical and biblical facts, as well as precepts. Highly recommended...Shalom! --Amazon

    Usually books that refer to Biblical time periods are difficult and slow reads for me as I strive to absorb the information, but this was a fascinating account of Cain, Seth, and other characters of the The Holy Bible, but included in this is an interesting part about Nimrod and Abram that explains a lot of gaps in the King James Version and even how Jacob mourned bitterly over what he thought was evidence of his son Joseph's death (who was actually sold into slavery). Everything jives with the dates and stories of the original books of Moses, but they give further insights and are easier to read. This was enjoyable! as the Mordecai M. Noah states, this is a "work of great antiquity and interest" and, apparently, one of the most accurate translations of the 1840 book left today. --Amazon

    This is a good historical account of things ommitted and contained in the Bible briefly. It gives much more information on the things from Adam to Moses in the Holy Bible. Some things are to be taken with a grain of salt, but others are definitely extremely enriching! When you read it, just ask the Holy Spirit to tell you what is true and what is not true, He will guide you into all truth. But it is a definite good read if you would like to color the pictures in that the Bible gives from Adam to Moses!!! --Amazon