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    In this unique book, the author interweaves experience with history to present an effective and interesting treatment on the use of axes and related tools. He gives detailed instructions on how to fell trees, split wood, make fence rails, hew timbers, make shakes or shingles, and build log buildings and timber frames. Effective safety procedures are also covered, as well as good axe maintenance and handle-making. Along with true axemanship also comes a respect for the woods. Beaudry teaches stewardship: a way to protect this valuable resource while thinning and taking as much as Nature can comfortably offer.

    In The Axe Wielder's Handbook, numerous photos and precise drawings combine with the text to create any axe wielder's how-to book of techniques that are of great value to all who want to enjoy the axeman's art. The application of these skills helps any axe wielder's job become easier and enjoyable. It's a compelling presentation of an art that is both ancient and modern.

    Author: Michael Beaudry