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    Do you believe in life after death? This age-old question comes to life in Shirley Bahlmann's newest book, Friends from Beyond the Veil. In this collection of stories created from first-hand accounts, Bahlmann challenges reality and dares it to claim that these stories are nothing more than fiction:

    A rocking chair that rocks with the death of each owner.

    A guardian angel who hovers over her charge.

    Voices echoing in an empty warehouse.

    An apparition that appears to those who travel the canyon at night.

    The truth? Who can tell, but those who have witnessed these events. Each swore that what had happened was real. But is it? From this book of accounts far different from what you might expect comes a kaleidoscope of tales that will raise questions and defy man's ideas about death. Is there a life after this one? Do loved ones really leave us when they die? Can spirits claim a spot of earth as their own for eternity? And can every strange occurrence always be scientifically explained away?

    Only you can choose what to believe.