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    Author: Lynn F. Price. To gain a witness of the scriptures, a thorough study is an essential part of the process. With an understanding of the details and of the events and of the people mentioned in scriptures comes the opportunity to have the Spirit say, ""This is truth, and it is important."" After this study and witness comes about, the scriptures have a special meaning, and they become a source of strength and instruction for the reader.

    This book provides that opportunity to get to know the Old Testament. The author of every Person in the Book of Mormon and Every Person in the Doctrine and Covenants has now produced the third volume in this handy scriptural aid series. Representing many years of extensive research, it is rich in vital details about persons and groups, histories and biographies. Included is a section with charts and a time line, which help to visualize the histories and messages inherent in the Old Testament.