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    September Eleventh . . . war in Iraq . . . turmoil in the Middle East . . . an impending war with Iran. They have one thing in common: oil. And the world is running out.

    The Shell Game is a thrilling novel that faces the end of oil and the next big attack on American soil. This fictional tale resonates with chilling facts from real-life informants in the oil industry and the U.S. government, piecing together the terrifying truth about a nation addicted to oil.

    The tale opens in 2007 as the CIA plans a nuclear attack on an American city, blaming the deaths of millions of Americans on Iran and inciting a retaliatory strike that will place the U.S. in control of Iran's oil resources. Five years later, petroleum geologist Ashley ""Ace"" Futrell discovers that the world's oil supply is rapidly nearing its end. When his wife - a former national security advisor - is suddenly murdered, Ace finds himself hurtling down a rabbit's hole that leads to the brink of World War III.