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    Nothing is more stressful than a home of chaos - a place where disorder, bad manners, or disharmony rules. While we all have our days when we feel that this is our plight, have no fear - it can change! Join Anitra Kerr as she demonstrates how to look beyond the repetition of your everyday affairs and to enjoy the often-mundane tasks that are set before you. As the co-producer and owner of her website,, Anitra has helped launch an unprecedented online coaching program, teaching concepts of food storage, meal-planning, and effective organizing. These organizational strategies and skills are now provided in this great volume, which will teach you everything from organizing your pantry and utilizing your food storage, to a system to get everyone in your home involved in household chores. Developing habits of organization will help you feel confident in running your home. Now, take a deep breath, because you are on your way to simply living smart - every day!