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    Everyone wants to be loved. That s the philosophy behind Hold-Me-Hannah, Joy s Toys latest Christmas must-have item. But Olivia Thomas, the ambitious young executive spearheading the Hannah project, doesn t seem convinced.

    To Olivia, life is about keeping yourself at a safe distance. Her high-rise Manhattan lifestyle is a far cry from her rough and tumble childhood and has the added benefit of keeping her much too busy to worry about finding love. After all, she could never expect anyone to love her after finding out about her past.

    Luckily for her, Olivia is about to discover that someone out there has bigger plans for her than she could ever imagine.

    With true-to-life characters, a good dose of mystery, and lots of unexpected twists, this heartwarming story will draw you in and keep you wondering what will happen next. No matter how lost you might feel, Hannah s Reach is guaranteed to reach your heart.