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    In this imaginative retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Bella is a spoiled brat who’s sent to the Beast’s country manor as punishment for her selfishness. More than just their personalities clash! As Bella improves the Beast’s manners, she also finds herself changing for the better. Bella must choose whether to follow the path she’s always dreamed of—or risk it all for something even greater. [8] CFI14559
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    Beauty & the Beast and the mystery of Rose

    Becoming Beauty

    By Sarah Boucher

    Bella is determined to marry a nobleman and to do this she must look the part she intends to hold. But she is the daughter of a humble carpenter. But Bella can talk her father into getting her whatever she wants. But when her selfish, self-centered attitude becomes too much her brother and sister decide it's time for Bella to learn the true cost of her manipulations.

    To pay the debt her father has incurred, Bella is sent to serve in the home of a man who is more beast-like than human. This dark and foreboding home in the middle of nowhere is shrouded in mystery and sorrow. Who is Jack and why would he willingly serve this Beast? And even more perplexing is the absent Rose who haunts Bella's dreams. Where is this young woman and why did she disappear? The truth about Rose is the key to Bella's future.

    In this retelling of Beauty and the Beast we have a beauty whose personality is anything but beautiful. And we have a beast who needs someone to help him heal. And then there is Jack the patient faithful servant who tries to keep the peace while hiding his own secrets. Becoming Beauty is the story of three people who are damaged and in need of healing.

    This is a beautiful and lovely story that will lave you wishing for just one more chapter, though it is not necessary. Prepare to be enchanted in a timeless story that needs no magic to cast its spell!

    I was provided a copy of this book by Cedar Fort in exchange for my honest review.