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Unshaken - CD
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Popular speaker, Hank Smith, uses humor, illumination stories, and scriptures to share the keys to building a testimony that will withstand the pressures of the world.

Legally and Lawfully Yours - Paperback
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High-powered attorney, Shannon Turney's wedding is officially off. She thought it couldn't get any worse until she heard that her brother and sister-in-law were having troubles. Her only thought was the safety of her niece and nephew. Shannon gains custody of them and they move to a lovely small town that was as sweet as it's name, Sugar City. They town welcomes them with open arms particularly a handsome local veterinarian. Shannon's sister-in-law soon wants her children back. Shannon has no...

Love on a Whim - Paperback
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Rachel Pearce is an attorney without a job. She's getting desperate for something when she runs into Henry Walker, a young millionaire and an ex-boyfriend of her best friend. He offers her a job as his secretary and she's not interested until her situation becomes dire. Once she starts working for Henry, she is given unconventional job responsibilities. She is also exposed to the life of the wealthy and enjoys it but she can take it or leave it. Rachel must decide if she's willing to trade her...

Portrait of Lies - Paperback
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Detective Trey Shotwell agreed to attend an art auction, featuring his father's art work, aboard a cruise ship. Just the relaxation he needed. Trey soon meets a beautiful fellow passenger aboard the ship and just when everything is going to well, his father's work is stollen. Trey will stop at nothing to solve the crime and protect the woman he loves.