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Selections from the Old Testament Made Easier, Revised Second Edition (Family Deluxe Edition) 2 Volume Set David Ridges, Old Testament, Study Aid, Bible Study aids
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A beloved classic comes to life with this beautiful family deluxe edition of the best-selling books by David J. Ridges. Featuring full-color illustrations and colored text to easily distinguish between scripture and commentary, this new set makes a thoughtful and timeless gift for family, friends, and teachers. Full of priceless doctrinal insights, these gorgeous volumes are sure to become treasured family keepsakes.

Ebook - My Girlfriends Boyfriend
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Jesse is looking for the "right guy." When she bumps into Ethan, a despairing writer who she inspires, she thinks she's found him. But only moments later she meets Troy, a successful advertising executive who makes almost every moment romantic. Both seem perfect, but things are not always what they seem. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is a fun romance that blends warm sincerity with fresh storytelling.

Ebook - The Icing on the Cake
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It started with a cake. A rather innocent-looking cake, too, but that cake would open the door to opportunity—and disaster—for sweet-toothed, bargain-savvy Annabelle Pleasanton. In fact, between a promotion at work, her best friend's engagement, and her discovery of handsome photographer Isaac Matthews, that little cake has managed to turn Annabelle's world upside down. Things go from complicated to downright crazy as Annabelle discovers that handling her new writing assignment and plotting...

Ebook-Previously Engaged
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She has the wedding. Now all she needs is the groom... Annabelle Pleasanton has just been given the chance of a lifetime: A $50,000 "Dream Wedding" sponsored by posh Monterey jeweler, John Wilfred. All she has to do is sign on the dotted line. The only problem? She's not technically, 100 percent, all-the-way engaged. Her best friend Carrie has seen the ring, and her boyfriend Isaac's been dropping all kinds of hints—but something seems to be keeping him from popping the question. Could it be...

Touched by the Spirit, Audio
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From South Carolina to the Big Island of Hawaii, from music to healing blessings, Latter-day Saints all over the world have been moved, lifted, and inspired by the Holy Spirit's sacred whispers. Joy Robinson has collected just a few of these magnificent testimony-building experiences, many written down for the first time, in her book, touched by the Spirit.Author: Joy Robinson

W.O.R.K.- Audio
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With ten children, Debbie Bowen quickly learned the advantages of actively involving all the kids in the family's daily routines. Delegation has been a key part of the Bowen family's efforts to maintain an organized, happy home and a key to their success. In this delightful book, she explains the formulas and techniques she's discovered, and she shows that W.O.R.K. truly provides Wonderful Opportunities for Raising Responsible Kids.Author: Debbie Bowen

Biblical Mormonism
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This powerful defense of the restored gospel belongs in every LDS gospel reference library. It addresses with clarity and careful scholarship unwarranted Evangelical allegations that modern LDS doctrines are not Christian and are not grounded in the Old and New Testaments. The book was written, says the author, to help Latter-day Saints show truth-seeking Evangelicals that (1) the LDS Church teaches true biblical Christianity, and (2) that many accepted "orthodox" Christian teachings are...

The Axe Wielders Handbook
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In this unique book, the author interweaves experience with history to present an effective and interesting treatment on the use of axes and related tools. He gives detailed instructions on how to fell trees, split wood, make fence rails, hew timbers, make shakes or shingles, and build log buildings and timber frames. Effective safety procedures are also covered, as well as good axe maintenance and handle-making. Along with true axemanship also comes a respect for the woods. Beaudry teaches...

Baptism: My Promise to Jesus for Girls
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"Baptism: My Promise to Jesus" is a book designed for a newly baptized Latter-day Saint youth to record the details of her baptism and confirmation. This is a useful, well-organized book which both explains the key elements of baptism and confirmation and records all the appropriate information which pertains to the event. It's a lifetime keepsake!Author: Jan Clawson

Joseph Smith A True Prophet of God, CD
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The information on this CD bears strong witness, to listeners who will hear with real discernment, that Joseph Smith is truly a prophet of God in these latter-days.Author: Duane S. Crowther

God Speaks Through Prophets Today, CD
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In this presentation, numerous Biblical passages show how God ministered through prophets in both Old and New Testament times. It then relates scriptural prophecies that god will have prophets in the last days also. The existence and acceptance of prophets is a test by which one may identify the true Church of Jesus Christ today.Author: Duane S. Crowther

Biblical Proofs of the Book of Mormon, CD
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Author: Duane S. Crowther