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Raising Children in the 11th Hour: Standing Guard In an Age of Marketing, Media and Madness - Paperback
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Experience an eye-opening look at life for America's children. Timely topics covered include kids' money and advertising, the prevalence and effect of video games, facebook and young users, the current state of children's nutrition, the importance of sleep, and many others. This must-read volume is guaranteed to better inform your parenting decisions so you can change your kids' world for the better.

Grow Your Marriage By Leaps and Boundaries
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In a marriage, you have to know where to draw the lines. This must-read book teaches spouses to negotiate appropriate boundaries between their marriage and the rest of the world. Guaranteed to change the way you think about the physical, financial, parental, and many other boundaries in your relationship, this book will make your marriage stronger than ever before.

Zions Hope: Pioneer Midwives and Women Doctors in Utah
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Early pioneer midwives and women doctors made a lasting impact on the West. They provided compassionate care to anyone from the cradle to the grave. But the accounts of these supreme examples of Christlike service are rarely told. Remember their sacrifice as the stories inspire and uplift you on your own path to Zion.

Table Talk: Questions and Quotes to Start Hundreds of Great Family Discussions on Patriotism, Values, Fun, and Faith - Paperback
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Nothing has a greater or more lasting impact on children than their parents, yet our society tries to weaken that influence. Talking and teaching are two things best done at home. Using hundreds of fun questions and quotes from this book, watch as your family comes together to discuss the most important issues of life---patriotism, values, fun, faith, and more.

Everything You Need to Know about Girls Camp: The Essential Planning Guide for Leaders
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Everything You Need to Know about Girls Camp teaches not just the why and what of Girls Camp but, more important, the how and when. With helpful tips on everything from holding your first meeting to planning a menu to dealing with unhappy campers (and everything in between), this essential guide provides a road map to help take the stress out of planning and ultimately make your camp a success.

Parenting with Spiritual Power
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"I wish children came with an instruction manual!" How many times have we heard this lament? Julie Nelson examines the lives of mothers and fathers in the scriptures (the best instruction manual) and the parenting principles we can learn from them. Discover powerful parenting examples and suggestions for personal application in this essential book.

From Pampered to Productive
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Author: Debbie Bowen. From television to iphones and automatic dishwashers, we've got it all.., except each other. But there's a simple solution. Turn forgotten to-dos into family fun with ten proven formulas for success. With new skills, added closeness, and a real sense of accomplishment, your whole family will soon cherish chore time. Raising responsible, hard-working kids has never been so rewarding!

Daddys Diary: The Adventures of an Everyday Father
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"To be a daddy, you've gotta have kids." So Kevin Morris begins his laugh-out-loud account of his journey through fatherhood, adventures, and misadventures alike. From "Beatles and Feelings" to "Battles and Piano Lessons," he's been present and accounted for. Enjoy these humorous stories as he shares some of his top daddy moments.

Teaching Children about Sex: Using the Temple as Your Guide - Paperback
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Author: Cherri Brooks. It’s time for “the talk.” Teach your children the truth about sexual intimacy in a world of shifting values and ideas. With expert advice and age-appropriate wording, you learn how to use the temple as a beautiful analogy to discuss with your kids the sacred subject of sex. Timely and clear, this book is a must-read for parents, teachers, and leaders. CFI15495

Seek and Find: Book of Mormon Stories - Hardcover
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Author: Jason Pruett. Search for Nephi, Moroni, and other hidden prophets and characters from the scriptures in this fun picture game book. Featuring scenes from the Book of Mormon, this book will keep kids entertained as they look for their favorite scripture heroes and hidden objects in the colorful illustrations. Perfect for home, church, or on the go, it makes learning the scriptures fun for everyone. CFI15280 ...

Ebook - 52 Weeks to Fortify Your Family
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.).Keep your family safe from the world's storms with a year of daily devotionals, all planned for you. Designed to help your family study the gospel together, this book includes a new theme for each weekscriptures to read togetherquotes from latter-day prophetsdiscussion questions to get you thinkingQuick and powerful and perfect for busy families, 52 Weeks to Fortify...

My Family Heritage - Paperback
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An adult personal history starter kit. CFIH1503