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Ebook - Raising an Army of Helamans Warriors: A Guide for Parents to Prepare the Greatest Generation of Missionaries
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.).Turn your home into an MTC! Get them ready with this missionary-minded parents' guide. Licensed professional counselors and popular speakers Mark D. Ogletree and Kevin A. Hinckley help you keep your kids on the missionary track. Determine whether you're using discipline or punishmentTeach the principle of obedience and the blessings of workInquire of the Lord and...

Ebook - A Mothers Greatest Gift
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.).Strengthen your connection with the Spirit and learn to depend on the Lord for all your parenting questions.This inspiring and insightful book shares personal stories, research, and interviews that will teach you how to seek out the Holy Ghost. Learn to keep the Spirit in your home so you can have help with whatever parenting problem comes your way. Harness the power of...

Coping with Bereavement: Surviving the Trauma of Death or Divorce - Paperback
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Author: W. Keith Hafer J.D., Ph.D.. Research shows that the seven principle losses which people endure are: (1) the loss of a loved one by death, (2) the loss of a loved one by divorce, (3) the loss of a treasured friendship, (4) the loss of citizenship or country, (5) the loss of a job or vocation, (6) the loss of a home or business, and (7) the loss of capital that represents economic protection. This book focuses on the two most severe of those types of losses: death and divorce. The...

Piggyback Rides and Slippery Slides: How to Have Fun Raising First-Rate Children
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We are busy. Our children: busy. Our grandchildren: busy. We are busy providing our offspring with comfort, experience, and social and academic skills - and yet many parents still fail to provide their children with the most important asset of all: play. Piggyback Rides and Slippery Slides calls for loving caregivers everywhere to improve the well-being of children through the simple art of play. As you create memories with your children, you will provide them with the skills they need to...

Simply Living Smart: Everyday Solutions for a More Organized You - Paperback
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Nothing is more stressful than a home of chaos - a place where disorder, bad manners, or disharmony rules. While we all have our days when we feel that this is our plight, have no fear - it can change! Join Anitra Kerr as she demonstrates how to look beyond the repetition of your everyday affairs and to enjoy the often-mundane tasks that are set before you. As the co-producer and owner of her website,, Anitra has helped launch an unprecedented online coaching program,...

Family Emergency Preparedness Plan
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A sense of security is hard to come by in a world fraught with conflict and natural disasters. However, planning in advance for emergencies can greatly increase peace of mind and the safety of you and your loved ones. Family Emergency Preparedness Plan will help you make the most appropriate preparations for the most likely emergencies your family might face. Implementing a solid yet simple system, this book will teach you how to identify your family's vulnerabilities and provide the tools...

Phenomenal Family - Paperback
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Have a great family already? Want to have a phenomenal family? Find everything you need to make your great family a phenomenal family in Phenomenal Family: Treats, Traditions, and Activities. Author Mitzi Deeter has complied hundreds of ideas for creating family unity, including everything from creative meals and clever holiday ideas, to connecting with children and creating a family book. Deeter also includes over 100 ideas on how to keep your home clean and organized so you can spend more...

Living for Tomorrow - Paperback
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As any good Boy Scout knows, being prepared can make the difference between comfortable survival and meaningless suffering. But what are we to prepare for? What do we do if we can't stay at our homes when disaster strikes? What do we need to survive, and where can we get it? How do we ensure that our families survive and feel safe and comfortable in the process? In Living for Tomorrow: How to Survive Any Catastrophe, Brent Lee outlines every possible natural and man-made disaster that could...

Life is Tough I Doubt Ill Make It Out Alive - Paperback
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Life has been overly kind to me when it comes to handing me its lessons and forcing growth in all dimensions. Where once there was a young and impetuous bright-eyed youth, there is now an older, impetuous sleepy-eyed hag. Stacy Anderson, author of The Santa Letters, has had her share of trials as a mother. From making decisions about her career and future to dealing with illness in her family, she has learned that life will continue to teach her lessons in all circumstances. These lessons can...

Discipline Me Right: Tips from Teens for Parents
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Author: Mary Simmons with Bert Simmons. In America today, 40 percent of parents have no idea what to do with their children when they misbehave. Discipline Me Right is the tool parents need to properly discipline their children. When Mary Simmons polled her high school classes to find out what they thought was the most important commandment of parenting, the evidence was overwhelming: children (even teenagers) crave appropriate, consistent discipline. As a parent and a teacher, Mary Simmons...

Unlikely Truths of Motherhood
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Feeding, burping, changing sometimes motherhood is all about repetition! In these monotonous moments, you may experience an unlikely truth of motherhood, a truth that is often overlooked. Popular speaker Katie Van Dyke explains how these unlikely truths are ways for women to draw closer to their eternal potential and divine natures. Using personal stories and scriptures, Katie honestly and openly talks about the trials and miracles of motherhood and how children can bring divine power into the...

Cyber Safety: Maintaining Morality in a Digital World - Paperback
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Emails, blogging, facebook, texting, technology is great except when it puts your family in danger. With so many new outlets to tempt today's children and teens, you need to teach your loved ones know-how to use technology safely and effectively. Cyber Safety is a modern resource for high tech families Cyber Safety will keep your family safe in the dangerous online world.