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Conversations with a Moonflower - Hardcover
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Author: Christine (Chris) T. Hall. What on earth had just happened to me? It was a plant, for heaven's sake! And with the exception of the bright yellow blooms, it looked more like a weed than anything you would purposely put in a garden. But this mysterious plant had captivated me, and I couldn't wait to tell the others what I had seen. Chris's life is anything but peaceful when she returns to Carraugus County to clean out her deceased grandmother's home. But her life changes forever when an...

300 Questions to Ask Your Parents
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Author: Shannon Alder. Description not available.

Too Much Togetherness: Surviving Retirement as a Couple
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Author: Miriam Goodman. Look forward to a happier retirement with this fantastic guidebook for couples. You are not alone in your quest for a retirement that is both rewarding and productive. Filled with stories and tips, this book will successfully lead you and your spouse to cope with the changes that retirement brings. Grow closer together and retain your sanity as you fall in love all over again.

I Thought Scout Uniforms Were Fireproof! Putting the Fun in Scouting
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Author: Shane Barker. Finally! A perfect resource for any leader who's ever had trouble creating scouting programs and activities compelling enough to compete with school, sports, jobs, and the thousands of other activities in your scout's life. These ideas, hints, and tips will spark your imagination and make scouting activities the highlight of your boys' week.

When Someone You Love Has a Chronic Illness: Hope and Help for Those Providing Support
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Dr. Tamara Greenberg offers hope and practical advice to those impacted by a loved one's chronic illness. Providing easy-to-understand explanations for complicated feelings and behaviors, this book will help you not just cope, but thrive in your day-to-day life. Learn the important tools you need to help lighten the burden we all feel when someone we love is ill.

Cant Hang Out... Gotta Build a Ship: Unleashing Your Inner Nephi
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Harness some true scripture power as you unleash your inner Nephi. With charts, checklists, and cartoons, this book is anything but boring. Discover how to turn setbacks into comebacks, how to pray the right way, and even how to get a last-minute date. Perfect for take-charge teens, their leaders, and anyone hoping to make it to the ultimate promised land.

Secrets of As a Man Thinketh, The - Hardcover
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Achieve the ultimate in health, wealth, and happiness. This modern update on a timeless classic will teach you how to direct your mind to get exactly what you want in life. By applying the life-changing principles in this book, you'll discover how your everyday thoughts can open up a new and exciting world and ensure you a life of true abundance!

Real Intimacy: A Couples Guide to Healthy, Genuine Sexuality
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Based on doctrinal principles and years of professional experience, counseling real people, this uplifting volume approaches marital intimacy with a genuine desire to help couples. Learn to lovingly discuss your physical relationship with your spouse, identify false worldly ideas about sex, and reconcile your differing perspectives. Informative and engaging, this book will answer all your questions as you learn to truly become one.

But If Not: The Compilation - Paperback
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Written especially to help those dealing with grief and loss, But If Not: The Compilation serves as a lifeline for those who feel powerless against their trials. Through lessons, techniques, and spiritual insights, Joyce and Dennis will help ease your suffering and guide you toward finding meaning in your loss.

Especially for Athletes: Leadership On and Off the Field - Paperback
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Want to become a leader and not just a letterman? Especially for Athletes: Leadership On and Off the Field offers five key skills to help you apply what you learn in sports to becoming successful in life. Learn the value of work, selflessness, and competition, along with how to set priorities and heed inspired advice. Following this book’s teachings will transform you into a better teammate, leader, athlete, and friend.

Ebook - The Restored Gospel According to C. S. Lewis
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.).If you are not familiar with the writings of C. S. Lewis, this book will startle you. If you are familiar with his works, no doubt you have already been startled. Either way, this book will cause you to consider things that you have not before considered.Few English writers are as well known and respected as C. S. Lewis. Through him, the world has received some of its...

Making Marriage Magnificent - Paperback
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Daily tips and suggestions are given in this book on how to create and maintain a lasting and enjoyable marriage. CFIH2073