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Agent Bishop: True Stories from an FBI Agent Moonlighting as a Mormon Bishop
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When Mike got his dream job as an FBI agent, he never thought he would also be called as an LDS bishop four times! Follow Mike as he recalls his adventures as an FBI agent and inspiration as a bishop. As Mike fought crime and Satan with a pistol in one hand and scriptures in the other, he learned the importance of obedience in both jobs. Filled with surprises and unexpected thrills, and told with humor and ease, Agent Bishop: True Stories from an FBI Agent Moonlighting as a Mormon Bishop is...

Infertility: Help, Hope, and Healing
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After five years of tests, Kerstin Daynes had her worst fear confirmed: she was infertile. In this honest and reassuring handbook, Kerstin shares her own personal experiences facing infertility and offers insights that will help couples to heal emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially. Using timeless concepts and introducing unique perspectives, Kerstin gently and empathetically walks the reader through this life-changing process as she shows couples how to make their...

Gettysburg Medal of Honor Recipients
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Author: Charles Hannah. The medal of honor is the highest award given to military personnel by the United States government, bestowed upon those who have shown courageous behavior, leadership, and valor at its highest level-above and beyond the call of duty.Since its inception during the civil war, 3,447 men and one woman have been awarded the medal. These soldiers are the greatest heroes this nation has ever seen, and with the exception of their families, almost no one knows their names or...

Not-So-Wicked Stepparent, The
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We've all heard about wicked stepmothers in fairy tales--women who make the heroes--lives miserable. Although fairy tales tell of wicked stepmothers or fathers, in real life, stepparents are regular people trying to do what's right for their family. The journey isn't easy for the parent or children, but through perseverance and patience, great relationships can be made and happiness can be found. In The Not-So-Wicked Stepparent, Sherrie Mackelprang frankly tells of her experiences as a...

33 Habits of a Really Good Man
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Bill Wells wasn't a famous man, but he left an invaluable legacy for those who knew him. He lived his life by a few simple words of wisdom-recorded in a little black notebook-and taught his children to do the same. Now, with this collection of mini-memoirs, his daughter Yvonne Swinson shares his legacy with you. 33 Habits of a Really Good Man includes Bill's favorite memories and experiences and shares ideas on how these habits can lead to a ""really good""...

Just Let Go! - Paperback
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In a society where the media places such a significant emphasis on body image, it's no wonder we feel pressure to achieve and maintain the ""perfect"" body. But now you can take charge by taking part in this engaging conversation on how to rebalance your mind-body-spirit connection and nurture a positive body image as you learn to apply principles and philosophies of yoga for a more healthful life.

300 Questions LDS Couples Should Ask for a more Vibrant Marriage
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Author: Shannon Alder. Have a more vibrant, unified marriage with the help of this handy guide. With over 300 questions on topics ranging from intimacy to finances, this book provides a starting point for couples to sit down and talk about what's really important. Discover untold dreams or ways to be better parents as you develop open, honest communication that will last a lifetime. Read an article from the Mormon Times (Click Here) ...

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Author: Richard and Dax Crum. Dax Crum is not your typical basketball player - he was born with only one hand. With an inner drive to succeed against all odds, Dax dreams of playing as a starter for an NCAA team. Discover basketball from a new perspective in this biography of a young man learning to pursue hopes and to overcome difficult challenges. Sports fans of all ages will love this true story of persistence and peak performance.

Your All-Access Pass to American Idol - Paperback
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Author: Jared Myers. Find out what goes down before the curtain goes up in this exclusive look at America's favorite TV competition. From Simon's best one-liners to tips on how to make it big, this book's got it all. Whether you're an armchair judge, a casual fan, or a music mogul, you've got to get the inside scoop with this one-of-a-kind All-Access Pass to American Idol.

Ebook - Unwavering Valor: A POWs Account of the Bataan Death March
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.).Is this real? Clarence thought numbly. When will it end? . . . They were jammed with other prisoners into boxcars and transported by rail to the town of Capas. . . . Although Clarence kept no count, many men died in the boxcars���but there was no room for them to fall.War wasn't what Clarence expected . . .Through the Bataan Death March, through prison camps in the...

Ebook - Return and Continue with Honor
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.).It's time for another transfer���from your mission to the rest of your life!Keep close to the Spirit and capture all your mission momentum with this comprehensive guide to post-missionary success. Ideal for newly returned elders and sisters, their families, and their friends, this book teaches exactly how to transition into the next phase of life.Learn how to Set new...

Every Mans Guide to Outdoor Survival
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Author: Dale Martin. The world faces a constant threat of natural disaster, economic downturn, and political unrest, and chances are that you or someone you love has been adversely affected in these hard times. It's time to take comfort in learning important survival skills  such as stockpiling supplies, improvising hunting tools, dealing with stress in life-or-death situations, and more in this comprehensive guide for everyday survival.