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Body Image Breakthrough: Learning to See Your Body and Your Beauty in a Whole New Light
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Perfect teeth, slender body, shiny hair. Women sacrifice much to match the golden idol of the perfect woman. We struggle with feelings of inadequacy, shame, and even hatred for our physical bodies. But we can be cured from this devotion to the worldly ideal that plagues our culture. This is not just another weight loss book. This book cuts through fad diets and pop psychology to expose the very roots of body issues for women in our culture. Author Jaci Wightman shows us how to eradicate...

Selections from the Old Testament Made Easier, Revised Second Edition (Family Deluxe Edition) 2 Volume Set David Ridges, Old Testament, Study Aid, Bible Study aids
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A beloved classic comes to life with this beautiful family deluxe edition of the best-selling books by David J. Ridges. Featuring full-color illustrations and colored text to easily distinguish between scripture and commentary, this new set makes a thoughtful and timeless gift for family, friends, and teachers. Full of priceless doctrinal insights, these gorgeous volumes are sure to become treasured family keepsakes.

Sharon Lewis Koho Novels Sharon Lewis Koho, Adventure Novels, Action packed adventure novel
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Author: Sharon Lewis Koho. An intriguing plot meshes the past and present into a story that takes David Young down a path he never imagined. While written for a national audience, the author's LDS faith comes through in this crisp, clean mystery novel. City-born artist David Young has traveled a difficult journey during his twenty-seven years. It has finally taken him to a spectacular valley in the Pacific Northwest. Settled in a comfortable cabin he is free at last to explore, paint, and...

Putting On The Armor of God LDS, Satan, Lucifer, Battle, Armor of God
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“The more trust we place in the Lord and his promises, the greater will be our victory over the attacks of Satan, while the less we know and trust his promises, the more vulnerable we will be.”― Steven A. Cramer, Putting on the Armor of God

EBOOK  -  The Forgotten Girl
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EBOOK - Gourmet Popcorn: 100 Recipes for Any Occasion
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AMERICANS CONSUME 17.3 BILLION QUARTS OF POPCORN EACH YEAR! Make your next party favor, movie night treat, or afternoon snack a bowl to remember!Whether you like savory or sweet, discover delicious new favors including:• Sour Cream and Onion• Cheddar Bacon• Sriracha and Lime• Whole Grain• Pad Thai• Honey Mustard• Gingerbread• Strawberry Cheesecake• Sour Cherry• Country Apple Pie• Churro• Orange Cream And More!Learn how to pop, store, and package popcorn for a crowd. Take your popcorn to the...

EBOOK - Perennials: Thriving Flower Gardens in Every Type of Light
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Don’t let lingering shade or scorching summer sun come between you and your dream garden!WHETHER YOU LIVE IN the perpetual shadow of a high elevation range or in the middle of a sunny suburban neighborhood, find the right hardy mountain perennials so your garden can thrive! With this guide, design the perfect garden for your home, location, and light level. Live outside the box and abandon boring, cookie-cutter landscaping. Liven up your home with flowers and plants that will flourish for more...

EBOOK - Baptism Is a Promise (A Choose-the-Light Book)
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Keeping covenants and promises is part of Heavenly Father's plan. What covenants do you make at baptism?Discover the promises that you make when you are baptized and the promises that Heavenly Father makes to you in return!This ebook purchase includes a DRM-free download of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App). Note: Item available for use on Kindle and Kindle App only.

EBOOK - Armed with Righteousness: Winning Your Battles with Satan
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Keeping covenants and promises is part of Heavenly Father's plan. What covenants do you make at baptism?Discover the promises that you make when you are baptized and the promises that Heavenly Father makes to you in return!

EBOOK - 65 Questions and Answers About Patriarchal Blessings
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The Lord has offered you a personal scripture for your life—an individualized roadmap to help you navigate through the obstacles of mortality. Learn how to use it.ONE OF THE REMARKABLE MIRACLES of our day is the opportunity to receive a patriarchal blessing. Using a firm foundation in the scriptures and the writings of Church leaders, Alonzo Gaskill provides answers to questions surrounding all aspects of receiving a patriarchal blessing, addressing topics pertaining to how to prepare for your...

EBOOK - Sacred Symbols (Deluxe Edition): Finding Meaning in Rites, Rituals and Ordinances
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With in-depth examination, illustrations, and beautiful color photographs, this deluxe edition will guide you to a richer understanding of, and appreciation for, the sacred rites and symbols of the Church.<br>Understanding Deity can be greatly enhanced by understanding the meaning and purpose behind sacred symbols found in religious ordinances, rituals, covenants, clothing, gestures, and words. Symbolism provokes thought in those who are prone to ponder the sacred.<br>Learn to...

EBOOK - Symbols of Easter, The
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How do eggs, baskets, and bunnies relate to the true meaning of Easter? Teach your children how their favorite Easter traditions can draw them closer to the Savior. With beautiful illustrations and rhyming text, this book explains how spring flowers are representative of rebirth, the egg hunt is like searching the scriptures for the treasured stories of Christ, and the caterpillar becoming a butterfly reminds us of Jesus’s death and Resurrection. Help your children understand what Christ’s...