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3,000 Miles to Eternity: A True Internet Love Story - Paperback
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Authors: Duane and Selena Pannell. Expected Release: Early July, 2015. Years before online dating became a respectable option, two broken and imperfect souls digitally crossed paths as they tried to find their way back to God. This fascinating true story, told through journals and emails, will have you smiling from start to finish and shedding a few tears along the way. Engaging and entertaining, it’s the perfect reminder of the power of love, redemption, and hope.

Ebook - Presidents of the Church
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.).These richly detailed biographies by some of the foremost LDS scholars provide an in-depth look into the lives and teachings of our modern-day prophets. It is accompanied by photographs and portraits of the people, events, and places that played important roles in the lives of each of these great men. ...

Mafia to Mormon - Paperback
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I learned early that if you don’t want to go to school for a career . . . then this was the life. And there were rules. You better not drink, you better not be a big shot and you better always stay low and keep your mouth shut. If you’re going to play the game, you’ve got to play smart.Thus began Mario Facione’s slow descent into the Mafia world. With a desire to please his father, Facione kept the rules taught him - don’t get caught, know your people. . . never let them have control of what...

Profiles in Mormon Courage (Stalwarts in the Storm)
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In a remarkable tribute to men of true character and valor, Profiles in Mormon Courage chronicles the lives of twelve individuals who had a profound impact on Latter-day Saint history. The stories included in these pages exemplify values and virtues that each of us can emulate to lead richer and more abundant lives, no matter our religious persuasion. In this inspiring volume, you""ll learn of people such as: Ephraim Hanks, a Mormon pioneer and a respected leader who saved countless...

When I First Met the Prophet - First Impressions of the Prophet Joseph Smith
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What was it like to be in the presence of Joseph Smith, a man who communed personally with God? When I First Met the Prophet is a compilation of the early Saints' experiences with the first prophet of the latter-days. Read their first impressions of the Prophet and discover, as did they, the light, love, fortitude, and testimony that the Prophet Joseph Smith radiated.

Life Lessons from the Book of Mormon
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Using unique personal experiences, trusted quotes from Church leaders, and other compelling stories that touch hearts and enlighten minds, Jack Christiansen and K. Douglas Bassett have created an indispensable guidebook to life that will leave a long and lasting impression.

Thrill of Teaching, The
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Each of us has the opportunity to teach in some facet of our lives. Whether we teach in a school, on a field, or in the home, The Thrill of Teaching is a long-overdue tribute to the joys, challenges, and rewards of giving to others the most precious thing we possess - ourselves. Join best selling author Dan Clark on a journey through the thrills of teaching and the joys of learning. Clark uses hilarious anecdotes, personal experiences, and inspirational stories to applaud the teachers who...

Skinhead Confessions: From Hate to Hope
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A background in hate. A life of violence. A love for power. But all he needed was a moment of truth. I heard the gasp of horror and knew I'd been caught. ""What are those?"" she cried, pointing at my body, which was covered from neck to waist in graphic, sinister tattoos. No way was I going to tell her what they meant - the hate crimes I'd committed, the people I'd stabbed and maimed to earn those tattoos. No way was I going to tell her about the hundreds of kids I'd...

Alfred Edersheim: Jewish Scholar for the Mormon Prophets
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As members of the LDS Church, we owe our understanding of the scriptures to many scholars, both inside and out of the LDS community. Perhaps the most influential non-LDS scholar was a man named Alfred Edersheim. Born in 1825 to Jewish parents, he became an Anglican minister, a prolific writer, and a gifted linguist. His works have been studied and quoted by Church authorities and scholars for more than a hundred years. Edersheim used his knowledge of Jewish customs, language, and beliefs to...

Pioneering the West
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In a world where encounters with death were a daily occurrence, Howard Egan not only survived - he conquered. This book, written in his own words, preserves the pioneer spirit, the thrilling experiences, the danger, the tragedy, and the struggle of frontier life. Orphaned at a young age, Howard Egan immigrated to the United States and was later baptized a Mormon in 1842. He was one of the first pioneers to enter the Salt Lake Valley, a messenger in the Mormon Battalion, an explorer during the...

One Lost Boy: His Escape from Polygamy
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David's family lived upright Christian lives as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Then, one day, his father decided to follow another path. Forcing his wife to agree and his family to follow, he joined a polygamist group and left his wife and children to support themselves while he pursued other wives. One Lost Boy is the true story of a boy who, at a young age, was forced into the polygamist culture. This story depicts the heart-wrenching emotions David experienced...

More Amazing But True Mormon Stories
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Author: Joan Oviatt. Readers everywhere loved Amazing but True Mormon Stories. It's time to celebrate again! Joan Oviatt has dug deep, once again assembling more than fifty new stories about significant but little-known events and people in Mormon history in this new fun volume, More Amazing but True Mormon Stories. She shares such varied topics as the fat woman who prevented a flood by sitting in the hole; the non-Mormon who saved Nauvoo; the woman who saved Brigham Young's life with...