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Mere Mormonism--Defense of Mormon Theology
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The same vein as C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianiy, this rich volume thoroughly examines the doctrinal history of the organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its key doctrines. It succeeds in placing the Church in an unequalled position among world religions and schools of philosophy. Scholars at all levels of study will appreciate Ronald R. Zollinger's experience as a classroom instructor and his years of detailed research that provide the foundation for this organized...

Lectures on Faith Paperback
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Prepared under the direction of the Prophet Joseph Smith, these seven lectures on faith helped early Church leaders and missionaries incorporate the most fundamental principle of the Gospel with greater understanding than ever before. Lectures on Faith occupies a station of respect as part of original literature produced by the Prophet of the Restoration and the bright minds associated with him. With a new compilation of commentary from modern-day prophets and apostles, this edition of...

Unique Stories and Facts from LDS History
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Did you know that a sister gave birth to a baby during the Salt Lake Temple dedication? Who blessed the baby, and where did this blessing take place? This story is not well known, but it has contributed to the Latter-day Saints? unique culture and history. In his fascinating new book, Dan Barker has compiled hundreds of facts that entertain, inspire, and teach. Discover which object, other than the temple, has the words ""Holiness to the Lord"" inscribed on it. Learn what...

Mormons Under the Microscope: A Close-up Look at Latter-day Saint Beliefs
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Do Mormons believe in Jesus Christ? Why do Mormons store food? What is the purpose of their temples? These questions and more are answered in Mormons Under the Microscope. Ed Lauritsen gives clear, easy-to-understand answers to 77 common questions that people ask about Mormons. Using over 300 biblical references and defining over 200 terms, this book will help your friends and family gain a better understanding of what it is like to be Mormon. From controversial issues to everyday vocabulary,...

Temples to Dot the Earth
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Author: Richard Cowan. Now more than ever before the hearts of the children are being turned to their fathers, and the sacred saving ordinances for both the living and the departed are linking generations together. Temples to Dot the Earth is a testament to the fulfilling of that promise.This book offers a wealth of information on temples and temple work, beginning with an overview of temple worship in former dispensations and then recounting the temple story from the beginning of the...

After the Martyrdom
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Author: Jerald R. Johansen. This book is a well-prepared, highly readable, carefully documented explanation of many little-known events in the era following the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith. It spans the period from June 27, 1844, when Joseph and Hyrum were slain, to December 10, 1914, when Joseph Smith III, the last living child of Joseph and Emma, passed away. After the Martyrdom vividly describes Emma's trials after Joseph's death. She was almost forty when he died, and pregnant...

Across the Sea, Across the Plains: The Epic Account of the Willie and Martin Handcart Companies from Europe to Zion
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Join the handcart pioneers in their epic journey to Zion. Beginning with the conversions and persecutions they experienced in Europe, this remarkable book shares the true story of the Martin and Willie handcart companies as you've never heard it before. Follow along through the miracles and heartbreaks with eye-witness accounts, first-hand documents, and personal testimonies. Thorough and well-researched, this is a must-read!

Finding Refuge in El Paso: The 1912 Mormon Exodus from Mexico
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Over sixty years after leaving Nauvoo, the Mormons were once again forced to flee for their lives. Discover this incredible story for the first time in this one-of-a-kind book and DVD set, detailing the events of the Mormon Exodus from Mexico in July 1912. Includes mesmerizing interviews from Richard Turley Jr., Lucille Romney, Henry B. Erying, and others.

Elijah Abel: The Life and Times of a Black Priesthood Holder
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The first in-depth look at a highly significant LDS figure, Elijah Abel sheds critical light on the real history of blacks, the priesthood, the ban, and the multiplicity of doctrines that grew up to justify it. Elijah Abel's dedication and religious conviction in the face of enormous adversity are an inspiration to all who have wrestled with questions or issues that challenge their faith.

Stories from Mormon History
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Struggling with preparing a talk or a lesson? Be inspired by Church history! Stories from Mormon History is also ideal for those who enjoy faith-promoting accounts from early converts. The narratives within its pages have something to offer for everyone. If you're not a student of Church history already, this book may inspire you to become one!

Saints at War: Inspiring Stories of Courage and Valor
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Sacrifice. Religion. Death. Read stories of courage and faith as told by valiant LDS veterans. Their uplifting testimonies will refresh your soul and recharge your patriotism as you read of their journeys to stay true to their beliefs and values in the midst of the chaos of war.

Temples: Sacred Symbolism, Eternal Blessings - Hardcover
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Author: David J. Ridges. Modern temples aren't just pretty white buildings—they are Heavenly Father's classrooms. When we enter His holy house, the Lord teaches us through symbols so we can understand and retain more of the sacred instruction provided there. In this book, David J. Ridges not only helps us find these symbols within temple walls, but he brings to light profound symbolism as found in ancient Israel’s tabernacle worship and elsewhere in scripture. As you understand the symbols...