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Women of Virtue - Paperback
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""Mom, I look ugly."" How often have we heard our young daughters proclaim such a heartbreaking statement? In a world that has convinced young women they must look like supermodels to be considered beautiful, self-esteems and self-worth are suffering greatly. Jodie Marie Robinson refuses to allow her three daughters to grow up believing they are anything but beautiful. Not beautiful by the world s definition beautiful by the Lord s definition. And that definition is...

Stand as an Example Calendar
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Author: Annette Calton. Young women today face unprecendented pressures and demands. This perpetual calender offers daily encouragement for a virtuous life, reminders of a young woman's true divinity, and challenges to rise above the adversary. With daily scripture and an inspiring quote, you'll be ready to face life with confidence and a smile.

Secrets of the Prophets-What the Prophets Knew That Scientists Didnt
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Because of the unique duties of their call, prophets have a sacred responsibility to prepare us for the future. Backed by scripture, Dale Spears reminds us of what Amos knew long ago, that the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. By presenting evidences of past revelations about science, medicine, and secular events, Secrets of the Prophets provides a fresh perspective on the role of prophets in our modern world. Read Secrets of the Prophets and...

Mary Mother of Jesus
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Her faithfulness changed the world. Yet her life is still shrouded in mystery. Join renowned gospel scholar Bruce E. Dana in this comprehensive look at the life and daily customs of the Savior's mother, Mary. Written with clarity and purpose, this absorbing book will renew your own faith in how God uses seemingly ordinary people to accomplish his most extraordinary plans.

Latter-day Responsibility: Choosing Liberty Through Personal Accountability - Paperback
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With our personal liberties under constant threat, it's up to Latter-day Saints everywhere to stand up for our freedoms. This compelling volume describes in detail the many responsibilities we must each perform if we truly wish to defend individual liberty in the latter-days. Including topics like faith, family, and financial freedom, this is a must-read for all members.

Life is Easy, I Just Decide Its Hard - Paperback
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Life is Easy, I Just Decided it's Hard outlines principles found in the scriptures that can help smooth out the inevitable challenges we all face in life. CFI50664