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Restored Gospel According to C. S. Lewis, The - Paperback
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Author: Nathan Jensen. If you are not familiar with the writings of C.S. Lewis, this book will startle you. If you are familiar with his works, no doubt you have already been startled. Either way, this book will cause you to consider things that you have not before considered. CFI16928

Temples: Sacred Symbolism, Eternal Blessings - Hardcover
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Author: David J. Ridges. Modern temples aren't just pretty white buildings—they are Heavenly Father's classrooms. When we enter His holy house, the Lord teaches us through symbols so we can understand and retain more of the sacred instruction provided there. In this book, David J. Ridges not only helps us find these symbols within temple walls, but he brings to light profound symbolism as found in ancient Israel’s tabernacle worship and elsewhere in scripture. As you understand the symbols...

Journey to the Veil - Paperback
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THE "HOW-TO" BOOK TO "VISIONS OF GLORY"! When doctors gave him 6 months to live, John Pontius (author of Visions of Glory) created a blog to leave his testimony with his children. However, thousands of followers of "UnBlog My Soul" were touched. Share in the journey as Pontius expresses his love and understanding of the gospel in a clear, beautiful way. This book compiles the most compelling blog entries and weaves the narrative of his journey to the veil.

New Testament Made Easier Deluxe Set, The - Hardcover
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A beloved classic comes to life with this beautiful family deluxe edition of the bestselling books by David J. Ridges. Featuring full-color illustrations and colored text to easily distinguish between scripture and commentary, this new set makes a thoughtful and timeless gift for family, friends, and teachers. Full of priceless doctrinal insights, these gorgeous volumes are sure to become treasured family keepsakes. [23] CFI14764 ...

A Refuge from the Storm
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In our tempestuous day, where can we turn for refuge... It is no surprise to anyone familiar with prophecy that the latter days are stormy ones. We live in a very dangerous world that threatens those things that are most spiritual, writes President Boyd K. Packer. The adversary is about. His objective is to cause injury. But there is a place of strength and peace, a true refuge from the storm. In this powerful book, President Packer discusses the priesthood, the family, and the Church, three...