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How to Understand the Book of Ezekiel - Paperback
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Author: Duane Crowther. Ezekiel was called as one of the Lord's prophets in Jerusalem just before the end of Jeremiah's ministry. He was a contemporary of the prophet Daniel, though his 23-year ministry was only a third as long as Daniel's 71-year calling. He began his prophetic labors in Judah, but was carried into captivity in Babylonia during the first deportation in approximately 598 BC. He lived in poverty in Babylonia. After presenting extensive background and historical data, the book...

Compare Isaiah: Understanding Biblical Scriptures in the Book of Mormon
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Author: Mark Swint. Isaiah lived about 100 years before Nephi. So why does Nephi quote Isaiah so much in the Book of Mormon? In Compare Isaiah Understanding Biblical Scriptures in the Book of Mormon, discover how the words of Isaiah influenced Nephi, Abinadi, Mormon, and others. Examine why they were included in the Book of Mormon. Learn why the Savior quotes Malachi and teaches the Sermon on the Mount to the Nephites. This book is a valuable resource in understanding Isaiah for both the...

Pearl of Great Price Made Easier, The
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Now for the first time, you can enjoy the full text of the Pearl of Great Price as part of the popular Gospel Studies Series. The full text of the scripture is included with in-the-verse notes that provide a highly effective, unique teaching tool. Notes between the verses offer additional insights and teach principles and doctrines. This wonderful new volume brings the gospel full circle from the Creation story in Moses to the early history of the restored Church in latter days. Study along...

Nephi in the Promised Land
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Filled with stunning photographs and detailed maps, Nephi in the Promised Land is a beautiful resource for anyone interested in Book of Mormon geography. George Potter presents new and unique evidence that Book of Mormon events took place in South America, specifically in Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. Using the writings of Spanish conquistadors and other research from top scholars, Potter has provided a different and fascinating perspective on Book of Mormon lands.

Old Testament Puzzle Book, The
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Who knew that the Old Testament could be so cool? Filled with crosswords, puzzles, and interesting facts, The Old Testament Puzzle Book puts the fun back into studying the scriptures.Inside you ll find: Word searchesScripture puzzlesHangmanCrossword puzzlesWord websAnd much, much more!Learn about the commandments, prophets, people and places, and faith found in the Old Testament. Chase away boredom and improve your mind. This book is ideal for kids, teens, and even adults! ...

They Walked with God
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Author: Duane S. Crowther. Millennia have passed since Adam, Enoch, and Noah lived on the Earth, and with all the niceties of modern life, it can be hard for us to think of these Genesis patriarchs as more than just names on a page. But modern revelation has also offered us a more illuminating picture of their lives than has ever been available before. They Walked With God pairs ancient scriptural accounts with these modern revelations to present an intimate biography of nine Genesis...

Monday Nights in Jerusalem
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Author: Janet Burningham. Make your Monday fun again! This priceless resource makes planning your family scripture study or family home evening lessons so much easier. Preparing fun, spiritual experiences with stories and principles from the Old Testament is now a snap! Each section includes a Background story, Word Quest, Gospel Art Picture Kit References, Suggested Questions and Treasures of knowledge. The appendix includes a time line and map to use with the lessons provided. Let Monday...

Isaiah Made Easier Second Edition
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Isaiah's teachings and literary symbolism come alive through this master teacher's careful explanations and comments. Never before has every verse of Isaiah been clarified in such a way and made easy to understand. Noted scholar David J. Ridges has spent 35 years teaching the scriptures and researching the material in this book.Noted gospel scholar David J. Ridges brings alive Isaiah's symbolism and literary imagery in Isaiah Made Easier, turning this often misunderstood book of scripture into...

Encompassing Charity
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Charity is the most important weapon we have to fight Satan in these last days. But how do you develop charity if you don't understand the boundaries that will allow it to grow? Joe Evans, a successful athlete and former BYU quarterback, shares his incredible story of becoming converted to the gospel and finding the true meaning of charity. Using the principles found in the New Testament, Joe combines personal stories with scriptural evidence to clearly define charity and teach you how to...

Biblical Roots of Mormonism, The
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Last year, Eric Shuster wrote Catholic Roots, Mormon Harvest about his conversion from Catholicism to Mormonism. Now, he and coauthor Charles Sale bring us The Biblical Roots of Mormonism, a discovery of Mormon doctrines as they are revealed in the Bible. Each chapter delves into a specific belief, such as the Godhead, premortal life, and revelation. Quoting hundreds of Old and New Testament passages, the authors show how the Bible alone can sustain Mormon theology and practice. This...

Book of Mormon Flip-and-Draw Coloring Book
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Create your own colorful versions of Nephi, Alma, Mormon, and many more with this fun flip-and-draw coloring book. Each page contains a different Book of Mormon hero, plus blank pages you can color in yourself. Then flip the pages to match Ammon’s head with Ether’s legs! Fun for the whole family, this book will keep you all entertained at home, at church, or on the go!

The Book of Revelation Made Easier - Paperback
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Author: David J. RidgesNow you can appreciate the book of Revelation as never before. With brief, easy to understand verse-by-verse notes, renowned educator and seasoned gospel scholar David J. Ridges shares his highly acclaimed approach to teaching the scriptures in this volume of the award-winning Gospel Studies Series, The Book of Revelation Made Easier. This book is an invaluable resource for any home library.