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Forgotten Women of God
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Have you ever wondered why there aren't more stories about women in the Bible? Or why there aren't more details about the women who are included? Forgotten Women of God offers a fascinating and detailed analysis of ancient women who were left out of the Bible. This new book by Diana Webb pairs captivating accounts of faithful women from ancient texts with modern research to offer insightful, informative glances into the lives of the women who, until now, have largely been ignored. Explore the...

500 Little-Known Facts About Nauvoo
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In this newest addition to the popular 500 Little-Known Facts series, George Givens offers answers to the questions most often asked by visitors to Nauvoo, such as, What is the difference between a blacksmith and a whitesmith? Did you know that one of the first recorded cases of artificial resuscitation happened in Nauvoo and that it saved Brigham Young's life? What are the rules for playing Old Cat - Containing everything from trivia about popular songs and games to information about...

Gettysburg Medal of Honor Recipients
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Author: Charles Hannah. The medal of honor is the highest award given to military personnel by the United States government, bestowed upon those who have shown courageous behavior, leadership, and valor at its highest level-above and beyond the call of duty.Since its inception during the civil war, 3,447 men and one woman have been awarded the medal. These soldiers are the greatest heroes this nation has ever seen, and with the exception of their families, almost no one knows their names or...

Far West Missouri: It Shall Be Called Most Holy
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In recent years, the Church has developed and restored many historical sites in order to commemorate past events and preserve their legacy. However, one place remains largely untouched?Far West, Missouri. Besides a few commemorative plaques, no physical evidence remains of what was once a thriving community of over 10,000 Saints. In their new book, Far West, Missouri: It Shall Be Called Most Holy, authors Dan and Janet Lisonbee bring to life Far West?s rich and significant role in Church...

Restless Spirits: Utahs Small Town Ghosts
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A resurrection witnessed, skeletons unearthed from the cellar of a saloon, and a ghostly apparition searching for her lost child?these stories and more will chill your bones, curdle your blood, and make even the most confident skeptic believe in the supernatural! Read about strange voices, sounds, and glowing orbs that were recorded and photographed in a Utah cemetery; light bulbs that were seen floating in the air; and the ghost of an outlaw hermit who torments anyone who dares enter her...

Utah Story, The
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Author: Seth Sorensen. From dinosaurs to Olympic medals, Utah's story is action-packed and full of adventure. And now you can hold that story in your hands! Perfect for students of all ages, this fascinating book brings Utah history to life. Whether you're a native Utahn or you're just passing through, you'll love reading about the unique stories, events, and people that shaped Utah into the great state it is today.

Voices of the Ancients
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This intriguing look at the gaps in our past showcases the true history of ancient America---the stuff that never made it into your high school textbook. Written with an open mind and a determination to uncover the truth, this book contains everything we know about the ancient societies that once called America home. Perfect for the historian in anyone.

Zions Hope: Pioneer Midwives and Women Doctors in Utah
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Early pioneer midwives and women doctors made a lasting impact on the West. They provided compassionate care to anyone from the cradle to the grave. But the accounts of these supreme examples of Christlike service are rarely told. Remember their sacrifice as the stories inspire and uplift you on your own path to Zion.