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Guardians of Innocence
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Author: Mary Muller. Protect your children from pornography by following the suggestions in this innovative and timely guide. Using research from experts and plainly describing pornography's effects, Mary Muller provides you with powerful tools to avoid, prevent, and recover from pornography addiction. Help your family members to carefully navigate the Internet and to wisely use cell phones and other media devices, making your home a haven for all.

When Someone You Love Has a Chronic Illness: Hope and Help for Those Providing Support
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Dr. Tamara Greenberg offers hope and practical advice to those impacted by a loved one's chronic illness. Providing easy-to-understand explanations for complicated feelings and behaviors, this book will help you not just cope, but thrive in your day-to-day life. Learn the important tools you need to help lighten the burden we all feel when someone we love is ill.

Healing from Abuse: How the Atonement of Jesus Christ Can Heal Broken Hearts and Broken Lives
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In cases of abuse, there's no easy way to intervene. But with the Savior on your side, you can and must be the one to protect those you love most. In this essential volume for counselors, church leaders, and concerned friends, family relations expert Janene Baadsgaard shares a Christ-centered approach to recognizing abuse, understanding its effects, and helping your loved ones to heal.

Cant Hang Out... Gotta Build a Ship: Unleashing Your Inner Nephi
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Harness some true scripture power as you unleash your inner Nephi. With charts, checklists, and cartoons, this book is anything but boring. Discover how to turn setbacks into comebacks, how to pray the right way, and even how to get a last-minute date. Perfect for take-charge teens, their leaders, and anyone hoping to make it to the ultimate promised land.

Secrets of As a Man Thinketh, The - Hardcover
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Achieve the ultimate in health, wealth, and happiness. This modern update on a timeless classic will teach you how to direct your mind to get exactly what you want in life. By applying the life-changing principles in this book, you'll discover how your everyday thoughts can open up a new and exciting world and ensure you a life of true abundance!

Real Intimacy: A Couples Guide to Healthy, Genuine Sexuality
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Based on doctrinal principles and years of professional experience, counseling real people, this uplifting volume approaches marital intimacy with a genuine desire to help couples. Learn to lovingly discuss your physical relationship with your spouse, identify false worldly ideas about sex, and reconcile your differing perspectives. Informative and engaging, this book will answer all your questions as you learn to truly become one.

But If Not: The Compilation - Paperback
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Written especially to help those dealing with grief and loss, But If Not: The Compilation serves as a lifeline for those who feel powerless against their trials. Through lessons, techniques, and spiritual insights, Joyce and Dennis will help ease your suffering and guide you toward finding meaning in your loss.

Grow Your Marriage By Leaps and Boundaries
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In a marriage, you have to know where to draw the lines. This must-read book teaches spouses to negotiate appropriate boundaries between their marriage and the rest of the world. Guaranteed to change the way you think about the physical, financial, parental, and many other boundaries in your relationship, this book will make your marriage stronger than ever before.

We Will End the Conflict Now: Victory and Healing from a Recovered Addict and His Wife
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Pornography is the plague of our time. It affects our families, our communities, and our prosperity. Those struggling with addiction, whether personally or by association, need the wisdom and support of those who have already fought the battle. Written from the perspective of a successfully recovered addict and his wife, this book is the culmination of their discoveries concerning the principles vital to recovery and healing.

He Delivered Even Me, He Will Deliver Even You - Paperback
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Author: Misti Stevenson. Whether or not the reader suffers from OCD, anxiety, or depression, Misti's heartfelt story will uplift and inspire to seek the Savior's grace in overcoming any personal trials. This personal story offers comfort and hope.

Ondas de SabidurÌ_a
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New York Times bestselling author and awareness guru don Jose Ruiz teaches you to free yourself from self-deceit, fear, and conflict and live without limits in this collection of elevating pictures and quotes. The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, this book combines ancient Toltec wisdom with new, practical insights to inspire a life of serenity and fulfillment. Open its pages and discover the hidden truths that will bring you closer to yourself and the world around you.

Choosing Your Eternal Companion
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Plucking petals off daisies or making a pros and cons list can sometimes be helpful. But there's a better way to decide whom to marry and if you are ready. Using the family proclamation, Robert McIntosh takes the guesswork out of selecting your spouse and preparing for marriage. You will be able to determine whether you are right for each other based on your priorities, goals, and beliefs.