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Keeping Love Alive: Answers to 100 Marriage Questions - Paperback
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Author: Kenneth W. Matheson. How can we rekindle the love we once had? What are the ingredients for a successful marriage? What types of things can we do to keep the love alive in our marriage? Kenneth W. Matheson, marriage counselor and professor in the School of Social Work at Brigham Young University, has answered these and many other questions in Keeping Love Alive: Answers to 100 Marrige Questions. Discussing topics such as communication, honesty, intimacy, and religion,...

Altared Plans - Paperback
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The perfect day. The perfect marriage. The perfect groom. What could go wrong?Caitlyn has been preparing for her perfect wedding all her life. But when her fianc abandons her at the altar, Caitlyn vows she ll never love again.Going to BYU doesn t make that easy, however, and avoiding all social contact can only last so long. When her bishop calls her to be the mom of her family home evening group, Caitlyn is suddenly thrust into surprising circumstances that leave her flustered the attention...

Fearless Dating: Escape the Singles Ward, Find True Love, and Join the Happily Married - Paperback
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Whether you've just started attending the singles ward, been at the dating game for years, or know someone who desperately wants to find true love, Fearless Dating is an essential guide for anyone who wants a happy, eternal marriage. Authors Chris and Julia Deaver and Don McCartney use wisdom from the scriptures, counsel from prophets and apostles, and the experiences of dozens of LDS singles to offer priceless advice on topics ranging from planning and goal setting to honest communication,...

The Counterfeit Convert - Paperback
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After failing to fight his way into the advertising arena of New York City, Tristan Taylor is sure his luck is about to change when he meets the wealthy Rachel McMillan and her two sisters. With the recent death of their father, the girls must marry quickly in order to inherit their late father's fortune. Even when Tristan finds out the three women are Mormons, a religious group he knows nothing about, he is positive he can lure Rachel into marriage--if he can convince her he's a member of her...