Shatter (20130-CDFT-O413)

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An explosion in the middle of a peach orchard kills Salem's sister during a labor strike, and police call it an accident. Salem wants to prove her sister was murdered for supporting the union despite being the daughter of a grower. Her biggest clue...
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Wow, this plot of this book will suck you in and not let you out until it resolves itself!

Holy Cow! I loved this book! I loved the way the plot sucked me in and wouldn't let me out until it resolved itself at the end.

I really liked the way the book is all from Salem's perspective. And hers is an interesting one. Growing up, it was just her and her sister and her dad. Salem's mom left when she was young, and her sister, Carrie, had kind of taken over her mom's role in Salem's life. Not only do you see the whole thing from her perspective, but I thought the way that the view jumps back and forth in time was awesome! Being able to see the present and the past made the whole plot make more sense than just having a static time period would have.

I liked the way Salem and actually Carrie too, were able to be strong, fearless young women. I was kind of surprised that Salem went out of her way to find out what had happened to Carrie with really no fear of a similar thing happening to her. And throughout the whole book she has no idea who she can really trust either. I know I was just as surprised as she was when the killer is revealed at the end!

There is a whole cast of great characters that Salem knows, from the kids she goes to school with, to her dad, and the adults in her life as well.

This is a great book that I didn't want to put down until after the very suspenseful ending!

Reviews 1-1 of 1