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    True, it was her prison, but it was also her sanctuary.
    Where can you turn when your house is not safe? In a small coastal town in Oregon, Amber and Kelly know the deadliest people sleep down the hall. As they attempt to escape the violent, domineering men in their lives, despair fights against faith and hope as an introduction to the Book of Mormon promises them a haven they can’t find in their homes. But getting out of these abusive situations is not as easy as it appears. With their lives spiraling out of control, can they have faith that God’s grace will save them?

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    I have to admit that reading books about abuse of any kind is very hard for me. I like to read books to escape reality and not read about it. Having said that, this book ended up being such a great book to read.

    I loved this story. I am saying this will all love behind it. My sisters and I love these kinds of books. We call them "Mormon Smut Books"....hehe. I really do mean that as the best compliment. I love to read books that have to do with my religion and love. Or any religion for that matter. I know that when I read it, it will be clean.

    I loved that this book covered a hard topic, and showed how people could get out and move on to bigger and better things. I am a HUGE advocate for Sexual Abuse, and the author of this book is a HUGE advocate for Domestic Violence. I think that's why I liked the book so much. Hard topics are hard to read, so they have to be done well. The author definitely did well with this book.

    We all take the chance when we marry someone, that they are not all they say they are. We may not know what their demons are until after marriage. Then sometimes they have groomed you so well, that it's impossible to leave. Amber and Kelly realize this after they have gotten married and are both faced with the challenge of what to do now.

    As they navigate their lives with the help of Grace, they realize that there is a possibility of life outside of an abusive marriage. They find their faith in God again, and the power to fight for what is missing in their lives.

    This is such a good book about love, life, faith, religion and suspense. Their stories are heartbreaking, and life changing all at the same time. I hope that you take the time to read this book. It is so wonderful.