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    This book is written for individuals and families who want to develop their money knowledge and skills-- people who want to plan now for a comfortable future retirement, as well as for those who are now retired. In 14 anecdote-filled chapters, the authors describe the most common pitfalls to personal financial security and tell how to avoid or climb out of those pitfalls. The book also provides easy-to-understand explanations fo how money investments work and offers a step-by-step approach to solving the problem of preparing for the future. The authors explain, in non-technical language, how to gauge investment risk factors, how to reduce debt payments to 0% of income and the hidden benefits to buying a home. The miracle of compound interest, the temptations of ""fantastic plastic"" credit, and guarding against inflation and other financial leaks in an established savings plan are other parts of the Retiring First class wealth-building system. Strategies described in this book lead to financial improvements regardless of the reader's age, responsibilities, or income. Best of all, the financial principles and methods described in ths book are designed to work even when economic conditions change. The book includes graphs and a unique investment pyramid to help readers visualize how to balance and protect investment dollars. A final section describes what an individual's retirement years can become-- one of the most delightful, productive, and rewarding

    Author: Clint Combs and Larry Bradshaw.