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    Finally! All the Repairman Jack short fiction - many hard to find, one nigh impossible - collected for the first time. QUICK FIXES includes: "A Day in the Life," "The Last Rakosh," "Home Repairs," "The Long Way Home," "The Wringer," "Interlude at Duane’s," "Do-Gooder," Recalled," "Piney Power," plus author introductions to each story

    I was born toward the end of the Jurassic Period and raised in New Jersey where I misspent my youth playing with matches, poring over Uncle Scrooge and E.C. comics, reading Lovecraft, Matheson, Bradbury, and Heinlein, listening to Chuck Berry and Alan Freed, and watching Soupy Sales and horror movies. I sold my first story in the Cretaceous Period and have been writing ever since. (Even that dinosaur-killer asteroid couldn't stop me.)

    Author: F. Paul Wilson