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    Fat-free cheese is okay—unless you've tasted real cheese. Juliet Easton learns this about love too as she uncovers who truly loves her, and who is using her to get to the secret she knows about the disappearance of her sister's fiance and the pharmaceutical conspiracy he plans to reveal. Can she protect her loved ones’ lives and her heart? You’ll be hooked from Asiago to Zamorano cheese in this suspenseful and hilarious romantic thriller.

    Author: Crissy Sharp
    Specifications: 5.5 x 8.25 - 304 pages
    Expected Release: Early November 2016

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Suspenseful book that will keep you guessing until the very last word!

    I was amazed at just how much I loved this whole book. I picked it up and read it in one day because I wanted to know just what happened so badly. Such a great book, and I had to laugh at the author's name, Sharp is a kind of cheddar cheese so it totally goes with the title.

    I loved the way that Juliet is the main character in this book, because it easily could have been her sister Eva, I think having Juliet the main character brings a ton of extra plot greatness. I also liked the way there were tons of flashbacks to Eva's story of love and the craziness that went on with Will. Juliet is such a great character, she's loyal to her family - especially Eva, loving, trusting - almost too trusting in some places, and just plain awesome.

    I found myself just as confused about Owen Denny as Juliet was for most of the book. It was hard to tell just who he really liked, and what his motivations were until he revealed them at the end of the story. It did seem like he was a great guy, for the most part. But since the whole book is from Juliet's point of view that was also a bit hard to tell. It was very obvious that she was conflicted about him.

    Then there was Luke...Juliet really liked Luke, but there was one scene in the book that made me really not like him. And her brother Everett and Owen are always telling Juliet that Luke is not quite what he seems. Quite honestly there was a lot in this book that was not quite what it seemed, and I loved that. That made the plot so interesting and it made me not want to put this one down.

    This book is full of suspense and romance that will keep you guessing and keep you wanting to read more until the very last word!


    Love? Cheese? Yes, please!

    • Witty
    This book is not what I was expecting. The cover, title, and short blurb hooked me immediately and the first page wasn't any different. The story begins with Juliet and her brother, Everett, in a yoga class. And it only gets better from there.

    Ready to make a change in her life, Juliet's looking to move back home and find a job that allows her to use her new college degree. The clever wit that oozes out of Juliet, along with the mystery/suspense elements, flashbacks, and romantic comedy, attached me to the story like you wouldn't believe. The cast of characters is like something out of a variety show--from baffling heroes to crazy moms to peculiar neighbors to mean co-workers to sweet siblings--they all kept me on my toes, eager to see what could possibly happen next. I love how connected Juliet is to her family and close friends and how they anchor her.

    Told in first person, the story really does engage a reader and draws you right into this wacky and amusing plot. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with these delightful characters and look forward to more by this debut author!

    Content: mild romance; mild violence

    *I received a copy through the publisher. I voluntarily reviewed this book and all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

    Romance and Suspense

    • funny
    • well written
    • suspense
    • romance
    • bad guys
    • violence
    The first thing that I thought of when I saw this title was "diet cookbook." I had to take a second look and read the blurb to find out that it was in fact a novel that sounded very interesting. There are unique references to food.

    This book has romance and suspense. It begins with Juliet and her brother at a yoga class. I related with Juliet and found her personality adorable from the first pages. She has a great support group in her family. She is close to her brother,Everett, and her sister, Eva. They have been through some tough times and are stronger as a family because of their trials. One of the main trials throughout the book is they are dealing with the aftermath of Eva's fiancee's disappearance. This is where the suspense comes in. Her sister is followed everywhere she goes and the bad guys aren't giving up, even after two years. This leads to interesting, suspenseful, and dramatic situations.

    I loved the romance aspect of the book. Juliet has a couple of guys interested in her, but only one captures her heart. The romance is cute and full of misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

    This book is well written. It has great pacing. The characters and the plot are engaging. I will be watching out for books written by Crissy Sharp in the future.

    This is a clean romance with a little bit of violence.