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    Duncan is a typical eight-year-old: naturally curious, easily distracted, and prone to do his own thing. His Aunt Millie lives in a small town six hundred miles away, and when his parents decide to take the family there for Christmas, they unwittingly set the stage for disaster. Air travel is out of the question for this family of seven, so they decide to drive a borrowed motor home. Duncan's odyssey begins with a late-night stop out in the middle of nowhere for gas and goodies. When he slips away for a visit to the restroom, his family is unaware and leaves without him. The process of finding his loved ones will prove to be difficult, but at the same time Duncan will experience heartfelt real-life Christmas miracles that will affect the lives of everyone they touch. Lost for Christmas is a feel-good tale that includes unexpected action, warmth and affection, and a hefty dose of the Christmas spirit.

    Author: Ted and Shirlene Hindmarsh