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    Charlotte Lyons has ambitions, and she won't let anything come in her way. When her first season in London failed to make her a suitable match, and she failed to win the heir to Willowbourne the following summer, she is desperate to find a titled and wealthy husband, if only to appease her mother. But when her family is struck with financial ruin, the stakes are raised even higher. Sent to the Northern tip of the English coast with her sister, Charlotte faces an uncertain future. Although she is expected to pursue the wealthy earl of the town, Charlotte finds her heart and attention captured elsewhere--by a kind, mysterious man below her station. Faced with hardship and burdened by lies, will Charlotte ever have a change of heart? Will she choose the dreams she's always planned for, or will she dare to love?

    Ashtyn Newbold discovered a love of writing early in high school. Inspired by regency period romance, she wrote her first novel at the age of sixteen. Because she can t vacation in her favorite historical time periods, she writes about them instead. When not crafting handsome historical heroes, she enjoys baking, sewing, music, and spoiling her dog. She dreams of traveling to England and Ireland. Ashtyn is currently studying English and creative writing at Utah Valley University. She lives in Lehi, Utah with her family.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Love books by this author

    I really LOVE Ashtyn Newbold's books! I love the way she writes, her characters, the growth of her characters, and the plots. I think she's really a master at the Regency Romance genre.

    Charlotte's character really annoyed me at the beginning of the book. She was not a nice person, to anyone, even her family. Something I realized as I read the book was that she had learned her behavior from her own mother and that her mother, even though idolized by Charlotte, was not nice either. I did like her sister, Clara, she was kind, accomplished and not out to just get money from the first wealthy man that was available for marriage. I did like that Charlotte was able to grow and change during the book. She went from a selfish, proud, unkind young woman to a woman that cared for others, and was kind and humble. That's probably my very favorite thing about this book.

    I liked the whole regency plot of this one. But I really liked that it had a bit of a twist. Since Charlotte and Clara were sent away, the normal regency rules didn't really apply. That gives this book a different feel than most regency novels and I really liked it. I liked the way they were able to interract with both men and women in different ways while they were in Craster.

    I liked the people they met in Craster. James was probably my favorite. I loved the way he watched out for Charlotte and Clara, even though they didn't think he was. I liked the way he felt terrible for what happened to Charlotte, even though it was her own fault really.

    The plot is great, I laughed aloud at so many parts. The whole thing was great and the ending really was just amazing! Such a great book!

    Lies and Letters

    Such a fun read. I enjoying reading regency time period books, Lies and Letters is a story line that leaves the traditional mold in such a great way. Definitely a book that I will read more than once!