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    Discover the spiritual warrior in you! Based on the belief that every soul has a spiritual warrior within, author Brock Lance Richardson interviews ten men he met through BYU football. Each reveals what it takes to become physically and spiritually strong, while their wives describe what it means to be a “warrior” for young women. Perfect for youth and young adults, this entertaining and spiritually uplifting read will teach you how to build spiritual stamina and to use your inner warrior for good.

    Author: Brock Lance Richardson
    Specifications: 192 pages - 6x9
    Expected Release: Early December 2015

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Excellent for Youth and Adults!

    As my children are getting older, I'm on the lookout for books that will inspire and motivate them. Brock Richardson is a seminary teacher and former BYU football player who is on a quest to help youth find the warrior within. He spoke with BYU's (soon-to-be former) football coach Bronco Mendenhall who gave him ten names (just off the top of his head) of outstanding football players he's known throughout his time there. The men he interviewed for this book are John Beck, Markell Staffieri, Matt Allen, Shane Hunter, Bryan Kehl, Andrew George, Shaun Nua, Cameron Jensen, Curtis Brown, and Nate Meikle, and there are many more that easily could have been included.

    I like the way this book is set up. We first hear about Brock's story and quest to find the spiritual warrior within himself. Each chapter is a separate interview. At the beginning of the chapter, he gives some background on the player he'll be meeting with and interviewing. He knew some of these men personally and others he met for the first time during their interview. He shares commentary throughout so it's not just questions and answers.

    I loved reading each of their stories! They all came from different backgrounds and a couple of them weren't members of the church when they first came to BYU, so we got to read their conversion stories as well. Good friends played a huge role in most of their lives. It's hard as a teen to understand how important that is but a lot of these guys seemed to get it. Some of them shared scripture stories that helped them in certain areas of their lives. While they all love the game of football, they each understand that there's more to life than football and appreciate what they learned while playing.

    The BYU players put on firesides when they go play in other states. My sister lives in an area where they have done a few and she has attended some of those with her son. I loved hearing about them! They sounded amazing and it was interesting to hear the purpose behind them and how they got started.

    It's so good to read about truly great men who aren't perfect but are trying to be the best they can. They share their tips and advice to help young men and women who may be struggling to find and strengthen the warrior within. You don't have to be a football player or fan to be inspired by their stories. This is an excellent book for youth, but there's plenty in here for adults as well!

    I received a copy of this book to review. My opinion is 100% my own.