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    Don’t just be prepared—be prepared well. Ben Bernards, popular youth speaker, presents this adventurous book of seven guiding rules and lessons to help train a new generation of missionaries. These invaluable lessons, from God’s measure of success to unexpected difficulties in the field, will apply to any missionary’s call, readying them for the great and challenging experiences of the Lord’s work.

    Author: Ben Bernards
    Specifications: 6 x 9 - 128 pages
    Expected Release: Early September 2016

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Great mission prep book!

    This is a great book for any future missionary to use for preparation. I didn't have the chance to serve a mission, so I couldn't fully related to the different experiences that this author had, but I believe that everyone's experience would be different anyway.

    The book is broken down into seven realistic truths from, "It's Going to Be Harder than You Think, but It's Possible with God's Help" to "Timing Is Everything, and It's in God's Hands." I thought there were a lot of gems of wisdom hidden in each chapter--things that really stuck out to me and ideas of ways that I can be a better missionary to those around me here at home.

    I found this author's experiences to be entertaining, but heartwarming at the same time. The blessings are evident and I really believe that we can find blessings in every day things, if we just look. I like that he said it's not a race and goal's aren't everything (for example, the goal to baptize 50 people by the time you come home). It's encouraging, yet it doesn't glamorize things--just keeps it real. This is an overall uplifting book that I would recommend to any future missionary.


    Make sure to get this one for you and your teen!

    I quickly got caught up in this book! This book is so well-written. I enjoyed the way the author wrote, he writes just the way he would give a talk at EFY. He has plenty of his own stories from his mission, and he uses the scriptures in a way that are easy for anyone to understand.

    I can see why the author is an EFY teacher, the way he writes makes it very obvious that he'd do an amazing job relating with youth that age. Reading this book makes me want to be able to go to EFY myself or at least EFY stalk the author so my teenager gets to go to his EFY session.

    I loved that I was able to read and enjoy this book, it talks about the author's mission experiences but the 7 truths he talks about can and should be used by everyone, from every walk of life.

    This book was great, I enjoyed everything about reading it. Make sure you pick this one up for yourself and for your teen!