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    "The airbag deployed as the impact shoved his car across the ice and straight into the intersection. In that same time frame, the car's back end drifted into a half circle, until the last thing Logan saw was another set of lights in the passenger window. And then..."

    From the outside, Logan Atwood's life looks perfect: a successful career, a lavish lifestyle. But after a brutal car accident leaves him in a coma, Logan suddenly finds himself five years in the past. Only then does he realize his perfect world may have cost him the woman of his dreams and the faith he once loved. Is it too late for Logan's second chance?

    "Chelsea Curran's careful construction, fully formed characters, and gently crafted romance make Unseen Road to Love a sweet, tender, powerful read. What would you do with your second chance?" -- Diane Stringham Tolley, author of Daughter of Ishmael

    "Chelsea Curran's debut novel Unseen Road to Love is full of twists and turns. I found myself breathlessly rooting for the romance, as well as for Logan's redemption, in this fast-paced story of change, choice, and -- of course -- love." -- Jennifer Griffith, author of The Legally in Love Series, Chocolate and Conversation, and Big in Japan