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    Unlock the power of the plan of salvation to help you navigate your personal trials. <br> As the director of graduate studies in the Department of Health Promotion and Education at the University of Utah, Dr. Glenn Richardson has made health and wellness his lifetime pursuit. But it wasn’t until a car accident nearly claimed his life that he discovered how to become truly resilient.

    Using the plan of salvation as a map to conquering trials with a resilient spirit, Dr. Richardson teaches you step by step how to thrive through life’s challenges.

    Learn to

    • Recognize your trials as opportunities for growth.

    • Harness your innate love, wisdom, and nobility to guide your

    life’s journey.

    • Emerge from your challenges with increased spiritual power

    and self-worth.

    Stop struggling and discover the hope you need to become a resilient saint, no matter what you’re facing.

    <br> Glenn Richardson’s own life serves as a case study for resilience in the face of challenges. In his book, he captures the concepts of resiliency and weaves them into the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ and scripture in a way that is simple and easy to apply to one’s own life. A great read for Saints who want to build a life and testimony that are truly unbreakable!

    —Phillip Waite, PhD, professor at Utah State University