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    “Our next scheme,” he replied, shaking his head. “We’re going to kidnap the princess.” <br> Princess Jessalyn has the perfect life all lined up for her: she is the most beautiful princess in the realm and is about to marry the soon-to-be-king of Gontir. But all her plans are shattered when she’s kidnapped by a murderous unicorn hunter in a plot to destroy Gontir. Dark and mysterious things begin happening, and Jessalyn may be the only one who can save the realm. Faced with the realization that everything she once cherished is not what she thought it was, Jessalyn must decide if the life she’s always wanted is worth the price of her heart.

    <br> “The Unicorn Hunter is a fresh spin on classic fantasy. With an irresistible voice and delicious details, it’s a must-have for anyone’s collection.”

    —Constance Roberts, author of Sigil in Shadow <br>

    “Kirkaldie delivers a swashbuckling adventure in a realm of colorful characters and magical beasts that will keep you turning pages.”

    —Adrienne Quintana, author of Eruption

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