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    A Heart Not Forgotten by Kimberly Eden

    <br> When Caroline is summoned to town to help her oppressive father and pregnant stepmother, she finds an unexpected friend in the new neighbor next door. But can love break the bonds of family? <br>

    Hiding Gems by Mandi Ellsworth

    <br> Risking everything, Matthew takes in a Chinese woman and her adopted children on his ranch when they have no one to help them, hiding them from his prejudiced father. As Matthew begins to fall for the selfless and loving Pearl, he must decide if Pearl and the children are worth fighting for.

    <br> The Courtship Cure by Paula Kremser

    <br> When Mary, the charitable sister of a duke, meets a handsome doctor, she hides her status in order to get to know him better. As they begin to fall for each other, will they be able to overcome their differences in station?

    <br> The Picture Bride by E. B. Wheeler

    <br> When Helen immigrates from Greece to America only to discover that her arranged marriage has fallen through, she struggles to find purpose in a country that doesn’t want her. Can fellow immigrant Demetrios convince her the American Dream is worth fighting for against racism and discrimination?