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    Find at-a-glance answers to some often-debated gospel questions!

    IF YOU’VE EVER WONDERED whether Christ’s Atonement extends to other worlds, what life will be like during the Millennium, or if polygamy is required for exaltation— this compelling new book is for you!

    DRAWING DIRECTLY FROM THE SCRIPTURES and the words of both modern and ancient prophets, best-selling author and gospel scholar David J. Ridges provides clear, easy-to-follow answers to many of your gospel questions, such as

    • Does God continue learning in His own realm?

    • Did we evolve from lower forms of life?

    • Can Christ’s Atonement restore chastity?

    • Is active homosexuality against God’s commandments?

    • Are there people on other planets?

    GOSPEL QUESTIONS, GOSPEL ANSWERS will dispel myths, reveal powerful truths of the doctrine of Jesus Christ, and bring peace into your life and home.