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    “He heard the growl behind him again, this time much closer. . . . He turned and looked up as the growl erupted into a deafening roar. He opened his mouth to scream, but his terrified cries were engulfed in the rage and ferocity of that roar.” When big-game hunter Matt Hayden sets out to the Arizona desert to capture a fabled bear-like creature, he finds himself caught in the middle of two evils. The beast is awake and wants revenge. It won't stop until there's blood. Meanwhile, the forgotten Tonowa Indians fight for their lives and their land against a corrupt, government-funded steel company with mysterious, ulterior motives. Determined to win both fights, Matt and a company of local Tonowa Indians track the beast deep into the mountain where it lives, and they soon find themselves fighting for survival against the forgotten mythical creatures that live there. But can they find the beast before it finds them?